Hopes & Dreams
Poem by Kim Oren

What was life like before you knew? 
Were you young, fun, and carefree?
What kind of things did you think you'd do?
Did you dream what your future could be?

Remember the day you learned the news?
Were you angry, sad, and afraid?
Did you mourn all the things you thought you might lose,
All the hopes and dreams that you made?

How many nights did you lie awake?
Were you searching for something to blame?
How many silent prayers did you make?
Thoughts of hopelessness, fear, and shame.

Eventually, you start finding your way,
The pain dulled by glimmers of hope.
Taking every step day by day
As you learn to navigate and cope.

You've been given new lenses to see the world
Through fresh eyes of compassion and grace, 
So many different thoughts and feelings unfurled
As you look to find your place.

You begin to notice how others lack
The ability to truly see
And sometimes you feel every word's an attack
On who you are trying to be.

Take note, my friend, what I'm about to say
And believe with your whole heart:
You must push forward and find your way
And learn how to play YOUR part.

Each of us contributes to life's bigger plan
No matter what ability or circumstance,
From the voiceless, the blind, to the wise man,
Each life thrives when given the chance.

Be kind to yourself and never lose sight
Of the value you hold within.
Let all your hopes and dreams take flight
And your beautiful journey begin.

New NODCC Website
We have a new website!! The website went live this week providing updated content, better organized menu navigation and the ability to easily make changes to the site. New images and graphics along with additional content will be added in the coming weeks.

Everyone is invited to become a free, registered user of the site and part of the NODCC community. As a registered user, you join our NODCC Directory and can connect with people around the world or who live near you. Even if you have registered in the past, you will need to register on the new site.

Conference Registration Begins
February 24th
Online registration for the 2020 DCC Conference opens on February 24. Conference details, schedule and child/teen program information are posted on the site including the group code for hotel reservations.

To register for the conference online, you will need to be a registered user of the site (see above).
We hope you will browse the conference details and join us in Texas this summer!

If you have any questions regarding site registration or conference registration, please email Barb at conference@nodcc.org  .

 Research Opportunity

The California Institute of Technology and University of Minnesota are examining behavioral development in infants (6 to 36 months) with Agenesis or Dysgenesis of the Corpus Callosum (ACC). Ultimately, this understanding can be used to create more effective intervention techniques and supports for individuals with ACC. This is the first study examining behavioral development in infants with Agenesis / Dysgenesis of the Corpus Callosum (ACC) from birth into early childhood. We cannot begin to truly appreciate the potential for early intervention in ACC until we understand how these diagnoses are influencing behavior and neurological development during this critical period of time. Click HERE for more information.

 Events, Gatherings & Fundraisers


As the summer draws near, the excitement continues to build around the National Organization for Disorders of the Corpus Callosum's National Conference in Texas.  For many families, this is a chance to meet people from across the country, hear lectures, and gain support. Some families, however, are unable to attend, or feel the need for more support after the National Conference has passed.  For them, the regional conferences, endorsed by the NODCC, are met with just as much anticipation. Each region plans its own meetups, and many are in the summer as well.

If you are interested in putting together a gathering in your area, contact Barbara at info@noddc.orgGatherings can be as simple as hosting families in your home or a nearby business. Or the gathering can be a day-long mini-conference style event.

NODCC Charity Golf Tournament
Kevin Hight & his family will be hosting their 2nd golf tournament May 30, 2020 to support the NODCC Conference! See additional information below. For additional questions please contact Kevin at  ekevinhight@southeastcarriers.com 

We would love to see you there!
Region 1 Gathering
Region One Families will be pleased to know that the one-day conference has been scheduled for August 1 st , 2020.  The Courtyard Marriot in Fishkill, New York has been chosen as this year's venue.  The August 2020 event is being hosted by Jamie Taylor, Jackie Harbison and Lisa Maletzky.  

Included in the itinerary are discussions regarding corpus callosum disorders, education and therapy, neurology, psychology, life planning and many other topics. As always, there will be plenty of time to commiserate with old friends and meet new people as well.  Coffee and lunch are included in the price and childcare will be provided. If you wish to join us on this wonderful day, the price is $45.00 for adults and $30.00 for children 12 years old and younger. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to get to know others whose lives are affected by corpus callosum disorders, but also to meet people in communities that are close to you.  

Region one consists of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.  People from Pennsylvania and Eastern Canada are welcome as well, and anyone else who wishes to attend. For more information about this event please visit our Facebook.com event page: 
News From the NODCC Office & Board of Directors
NODCC Administrative Assistant Job Available
The NODCC is seeking an Administrative Assistant to assist in administrative support, ongoing communications oversight and facilitation, and calendar management. This is a part-time opportunity requiring a minimum of 5 hours per week.
The ideal candidate has at least 5 years of administrative experience and is very strong in organizational skills, communication, calendar management, and has familiarity with the NODCC and disorders of the corpus callosum
Skills and Requirements:
  • Experience prioritizing multiple tasks and activities
  • Skilled at organization and coordination
  • Polished and professional written and verbal communication
  • Experience with Microsoft Office
Interested candidates must send a resume and cover letter to info@nodcc.org by February 29, 2020.

Giving to the NODCC:
Did you know that your regular Amazon purchases can help raise money for the NODCC? It's a donation opportunity provided through  AmazonSmile. So far this calendar year, the NODCC has received a quarterly donation of $615.29. This is simply from normal Amazon purchases! To date, AmazonSmile has donated $3,423.00 to the NODCC, which is a fraction of the $124,651,081.04 Amazon has donated to all charities. Help the NODCC and encourage your friends and family to list the NODCC as the preferred charity on your Amazon accounts. Start contributing today and add the NODCC to your  AmazonSmile. Your quick click  here makes a big difference!

Looking for other ways to support? The NODCC is searching for a candidate sponsor or global partner. We encourage all readers of this article to send candidate sponsor company names or potential company contact information to  info@nodcc.org.