NOFA-NH E-Newsletter: May 2022
Dear Friend of NOFA-NH, 

Welcome May! April showers have brought us exciting May treats in the form of rhubarb, asparagus, radishes, herbs, greens, and more. The rain isn’t the only one we have to thank for this bounty – pollinators play a huge role in getting our food to the table. World Bee Day is just around the corner, making this month the perfect time to learn more about pollinators and how to support them. One easy way you can do so is to participate in No Mow May, an initiative encouraging folks to let their lawns go unmown for the month of May, which creates shelter and habitat for early season pollinators. 

With the arrival of warmer weather in New Hampshire, many Farmers’ Markets across the state are moving outdoors or kicking off the 2022 season. You can learn more about NH Farmers’ Markets with the NH Department of Agriculture’s Farmers’ Market Directory. Looking for more local food? Find organic farms and food in your area with NOFA-NH's Organic Farm and Food Map.  

If you missed our online “Feeding the Family” Organic Gardening Series, you can still access recorded sessions for a limited time! Topics include garden planning, permaculture principles, fruit and nut trees, raising chickens, container gardening, and backyard herbs. We are excited to offer 9 no cost full series registrations thanks to a generous grant from the NHEC Foundation. Read more below for the code for free registration!

Our Farm Share Program, now in its 6th year, is currently underway. We are delighted to be serving 150+ community members with 50 low-cost, certified organic farm shares this year—the greatest number of shares offered through the program to date. We are deeply grateful to the farmers, sponsors, and donors who contributed to this year’s program. 

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces in person at last week’s NH Food System Statewide Gathering. We hope that many of you will join us for our coming CRAFT series, 50th Anniversary Celebrations, and the NOFA Summer Conference. Cheers to warmer weather and more chances to cultivate community! 
Yours in Good Health & Healthy Food, 
Table of Contents
  • Thank You to Everyone Who Made “Feeding the Family” a Success 
  • CRAFT Educational Farm Tours Begin this Summer
  • Save the Date: NOFA-NH's Rescheduled 50th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Conversations with Our Founders 
  • $2,087.64 Raised in April at the Concord Food Co-op 
  • Winter Conference Recordings Now Available to the Public 
  • NOFA Summer Conference Registration is Open 
  • Celebrate World Bee Day 
  • Industrial & Municipal Sludge - and Food? 
  • Kearsarge Area Tray It Forward Seedling Program 
  • Nominate a Farm for NH Dairy Farm of the Year
  • Building the Local Food Shed
  • Early Bird Registration for the 2022 Radically Rural Summit 
  • CISA's May 19 SNAP Training for Farm Employees
  • Voluntarily Enroll in Organic Fraud Prevention 
  • Food Systems, the Planet, & International Politics
  • Pilot Light Food Education Fellowship 
  • Funding Opportunities 
  • Food System Jobs
  • May Recipe: Curried Rhubarb Ketchup
  • Meet Our Members: Phil & Becky Brand of Brandmoore Farm
  • Welcome New & Renewing Members
  • Classifieds, Upcoming Events, Sponsors & Advertisers
Thank You to Everyone Who Made "Feeding the Family" a Success
Over 330 attendees joined us virtually for the 4th annual “Feeding the Family” Organic Gardening Series. A special thanks to our fantastic instructors Ron Christie of Living Earth Farm, Nicko Rubin of East Hill Tree Farm, Amy Antonucci of Living Land Permaculture Homestead and Seacoast Permaculture, regenerative farmer and author Acadia Tucker, Maria Noël Groves of Wintergreen Botanicals, and Paolamantina Grullón Livingstone of Living Stone Farm for sharing your expertise with all of us! 

*NEW* Thank you to the NHEC Foundation for the opportunity to offer no cost full series registration to 9 community members. Use the code NHEC2022 in the registration form for this limited time, first come, first served offer.

Recordings will also be available for purchase for a limited time, and NOFA-NH members still get 25% off. Email [email protected] for the code!
CRAFT Educational Farm Tours Begin this Summer
Collaborative Regional Alliances for Farmer Training, or CRAFT, is a national program of small, independent regional alliances focused on training for farmers, farm workers, interns and apprentices.

NOFA-NH is planning six educational farm tours in different counties across the state this year. Programs will run July through the fall, and we encourage everyone to check out the website for more information including host farms, education topics, and dates. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Save the Date: NOFA-NH's Rescheduled 50th Anniversary Celebrations
Mark your calendars for our rescheduled 50th anniversary events! Join us for a delicious, local, and organic centered farm-to-table dinner and fundraiser at Colby Hill Inn on Saturday, August 27th from 4 PM to 9:30 PM, and spend an afternoon with us at an outdoor, family friendly pizza party, exhibitor fair, and farm tour on Saturday, October 1st from 1 PM to 4 PM at Brookford Farm.

Discover our 50th anniversary archive and find more details hereRegistration opens May 23rd!
Conversations with Our Founders  
In the months leading up to our 50th Anniversary Celebrations, we invite you to reflect on 50 years of the Northeast Organic Farming Association through our Conversations with Our Founders video series. For the month of May, we are featuring our interview with the late Samuel Kaymen, founder of NOFA.

Watch Samuel’s video here.

You can learn even more about Samuel’s involvement in the earliest days of NOFA in the documentary film Organic Roots: 50 Years of the Northeast Organic Farming Association. 
$2,087.64 Raised in April at the Concord Food Co-op 
Concord Food Co-op's Round-It-Up at the Register program empowers shoppers to round their purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a partnered nonprofit organization each month. 

A big thank you to all the shoppers who rounded up during the month of April - you raised $2,087.64 for NOFA-NH! 
Winter Conference Recordings Now Available to the Public
Recordings from our 20th annual virtual NOFA-NH Winter Conference are now available to the public!

You can peruse many hours of thought-provoking content and expert instruction here
NOFA Summer Conference Registration is Open!
The 48th annual NOFA Summer Conference is scheduled to be in person at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA August 5-7. The conference theme is Decolonizing and Regrowing Food Systems – The Work of Our Time, and we hope you’ll join us to explore this and many other rich topics with your peers. 

Register here
Industrial & Municipal Sludge - and Food? 
This Union Leader article reports that in the wake of rising fertilizer prices, some farmers across NH are turning to sludge from wastewater treatment plants as a replacement.

Sludge poses significant environmental dangers, including the potential to contaminate soil with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These forever chemicals are toxic to human health and the environment

Recently in Maine, groundwater and well water at some farms exceeded state PFAS standards by factors in the hundreds.

Maine Legislature passed a bill in April banning the application of sludge that contains any amount of PFAS on farmland.

While NH has required tests for PFAS in sludge since 2017, the Department of Environmental Safety won’t establish standards until late 2023. Currently, sludge in NH cannot be rejected because of PFAS levels.

We at NOFA-NH stand against the spreading of PFAS containing sludge from municipal and industrial operations on farmland. If you would like to stand with us, please consider joining our Policy Committee. Learn more here.

*The Union Leader allows access to a limited number of articles per month without a subscription.
Celebrate World Bee Day
About 75% of the world’s crops rely on pollinators to flower, fruit, and reproduce. To raise awareness about the importance of pollinators and the threats they face due to harmful agricultural practices and climate change, the United Nations designated May 20th as World Bee Day in 2018. 

Celebrate by learning more about our pollinators and how to support them by getting your Pollinator-Friendly Garden Certification, encouraging your kids to Create a Pollinator Garden at Laconia Public Library, or attending a zoom discussion on Native Plants and the Pollinators They Attract
Kearsarge Tray It Forward Seedling Program
Year three of the Tray it Forward program is underway in the Kearsarge area! Local partners of the FEED Kearsarge Initiative are coordinating the growing and distribution of seedling trays to share with neighbors struggling with food insecurity. Last year 375 seedling trays containing 7,824 plants made their way to families in need and community garden sites in 12 local towns. 

There are two ways to get involved with this program: register for a garden in a tray or sponsor a garden in a tray! 
Nominate a Farm for NH Dairy Farm of the Year
The NH Dairy Farm of the Year Program originated through the New England Green Pastures program in 1948. Today the criteria have broadened to include herd management, public image, environmental practices, community involvement, and more.  

Please send nominations directly to John Porter at [email protected]. 
Building the Local Foodshed
Catch up on opportunities and practical details about farm to institution purchasing with this free webinar recorded in spring. Hear from representatives of the NH Food Hub Network, NH Farm to School, and NH Hunger Solutions about developments in these crucial sectors of NH’s growing local food system.
You might also enjoy this article which explores some of the transformative models for feeding our school children that are being tested and developed in other states. These programs' goals include providing healthier food through practices that are cost effective, job-rich, more localized, and even more dependable than current methods of delivery.
Early Bird Registration for the 2022 Radically Rural Summit 
Radically Rural builds powerful networks of passionate, engaged, innovative people willing to share ideas and resources and take action to strengthen their rural communities across the country. The Radically Rural Summit is set to take place September 21-22 in Keene, NH with virtual and in-person options.
Get your early bird tickets here
CISA's May 19 SNAP Training for Farm Employees
Does your farm stand or farmers' market accept SNAP? Make sure your staff are ready to accept SNAP this summer by having them attend CISA's SNAP employee training. 

This training is for employees who will be processing SNAP transactions and is open to all staff of farm businesses that accept SNAP. Employees will learn SNAP basics including what EBT cards look like, what items are SNAP eligible, and how to run a SNAP transaction. Attendees will come away knowing how SNAP works and how to run a transaction successfully and legally on Conduent and TotilPay machines. 

Voluntarily Enroll in Organic Fraud Protection
Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions is a voluntary program to help organic businesses minimize or eliminate organic fraud. The program is based on buyer responsibility and supply chain management and provides companies with a risk-based process for developing and implementing an organic fraud prevention plan. When USDA’s Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) rule is finalized, all certified organic operations will be required to have an Organic Fraud Prevention Plan included in their Organic System Plan. 

Enroll in Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions now so that your business is ready for the requirement.   
Food Systems, the Planet, & International Politics
Here are three resources concerning the current state of the world food system. Each offers very different, yet sometimes complementary, frames for action and understanding, particularly in the search for social justice and ecological responsibility regarding food:

  • This report considering buen vivir and indigeneity offering a deep dive into the future of food
Pilot Light Food Education Fellowship
Pilot Light, a USDA Farm to School grantee whose food education lessons have been delivered in classrooms across the country for 11 years, offers a paid fellowship to invest in PreK-12th grade teacher leaders who are committed to integrating food education into their regular classroom instruction. In addition to receiving a stipend and one-on-one coaching, fellows are paired with partners in the food space (farms, gardens, community groups) to support student-led advocacy work within their classrooms.  

The application for teachers for the 2022-2023 school year is live. Teachers can apply here through May 23rd, 2022. 
May Recipe: Curried Rhubarb Ketchup
The ephemeral season of rhubarb drives many of us to use its stalks up in pies, cobblers, and shortcakes, but this tart perennial works surprisingly well in savory applications too! You could substitute the rhubarb in this recipe for the incredibly invasive Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica); if you do, be careful to harvest the young shoots from areas you know were not sprayed with pesticides. 


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil 
  • 2 onions, diced 
  • 1 large red beet, peeled and grated 
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced 
  • 2 tablespoons curry powder 
  • ½ teaspoon ground cardamom 
  • ½ teaspoon ground ginger 
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika 
  • 3 pounds rhubarb (or young Japanese knotweed shoots), diced 
  • ½ cup maple syrup 
  • Salt & pepper, to taste
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar (optional)


In a large stock pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Sauté onions, beet and garlic until fragrant. 

Add curry powder, cardamom, ginger, and smoked paprika. Stir constantly to avoid burning as the spices bloom. You can add a little water if they start to stick to the pan. 

Add rhubarb (or knotweed) and cook until soft, stirring often. This takes about 20 minutes. 

Once the rhubarb has softened, add maple syrup, salt, and pepper.  

Using an immersion blender, food processor, or blender, blend the ketchup. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary. If your ketchup is too thick or you would like a tangier flavor, you can add a little water or apple cider vinegar.

Ladle ketchup into jars and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. This also freezes well or can be canned using a hot water bath. Put on anything you would ketchup and enjoy! 
Funding Opportunities

Food System Jobs
Meet Our Members:
Phil & Becky Brand of Brandmoore Farm
NOFA-NH's knowledgeable and passionate members make our organization great. That's why we offer our members with farms and food-related businesses eligibility to be featured in the 'Meet Our Members' e-news column. Each month, we make our community a little closer by introducing you to someone new. Please contact us if you'd like to be featured!
Welcome New & Renewing Members
Thank you to our NOFA-NH Members who became new members or renewed their memberships in April 2022.

New Members:
Tammye Erb, Jennifer Rounds 

Renewing Members:
Groh Farm, Hip Peas Farm, New Field Farm, Fowl Manor Farm, Ann & Tom Parziale, Julie Davenson, Ideal Compost Co., Janet Ward, Abenaki Springs Farm 
Blacksmith Shop & Equipment Auction (Virtual Link Here)
Posted May 9, 2022: Online auction closes May 20, 2022 @ 10AM. Preview: May 10, 2022. Entire contents of a large blacksmith shop including trip & forging hammers, many anvils, swage blocks, shears, vises, mandrels, forges, hammers and more. Over 500 lots. Thomas Hirchak Co. 800-634-7653. Visit the auction here.
Hillsboro's 250th Anniversary Seeks Farms & Gardens for Tours (Hillsboro, Antrim, & Washington, NH)
Posted May 7, 2022: Hillsboro's 250th Anniversary will include garden, barn and farms tours on Saturday, August 13 in Hillsboro, Antrim, and Washington. If you would like to host a tour and sell your products, please contact Gale Luby at [email protected] or 603-562-6537.
Ledge Top Farm Seeks Workers (Wilton, NH)
Posted April 29, 2022: Ledge Top Farm located in Wilton, New Hampshire needs workers for the 2022 growing season on a small organic farm. Jobs include plant care, harvesting, packing and selling at farmers markets. Flexible hours and pay. Both outside and greenhouse help are needed. Will train if your experience is limited. Text or call Tom Mitchell at 603-620-7302. 
Family Seeks Land for Flower Farm (near Concord, NH)
Posted April 25, 2022: Family of 3 looking to build flower/medicinal herb farm, within 40 minutes of Concord, NH. Family has over 5 years of experience working on farms and 3 years of experience managing a refugee community garden. If you are a landowner looking to sell to someone who values sustainable land management, please contact Kaylin Lustig at 408-502-2409 or [email protected].
Vegetable Ranch is Hiring (Warner, NH)
Posted April 13, 2022: Vegetable Ranch is looking to hire hard working individuals for their spring and summer farming season. Flexible hours, full and part-time positions available, possible housing available. If interested please email [email protected] or call (603) 456-2194.
Windswept Farm Is Hiring (Andover, NH) 
Posted April 12, 2022: Would you like to work on a farm this season? Learn and bring your knowledge to growing a variety of vegetables and fruits to be delivered to farmers' market. Email [email protected] for more information and to apply. 
Grow Your Profits
Posted March 11, 2022: Keeping honey bees as pollinators will increase your yield! White Mountain Apiary has everything you need to become a successful beekeeper. We offer online beekeeping classes, honey bees, queen bees, beekeeping equipment and support. Visit or call 603-444-6661 for more information.

NOFA-NH Members may post 1 free Classified per month on our Classifieds page and in this newsletter. Not yet members may post a Classified in the e-news and on our website for $45 per Classified per month. To inquire about this program and to share your Classified with our community, please contact [email protected].

Please Note: The views and opinions expressed in these classifieds are those of our members and sponsors, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NOFA-NH, its staff, or Board of Directors. We reserve the right to reject content deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for our readership and distribution. 
Upcoming Events
May 16 — Organic Research Webinar, (USDA Agricultural Research Service)
May 16 — Birding on the Farm, (CCCD, NRCS, Windham NRCD, Antioch Bird Club, & Vermont Audubon Society)
May 19 — SNAP Training for Farm Employees, (CISA)
May 19 — Easy Growing Herbs with Maria Noël Groves, (Concord Food Co-op, Wintergreen Botanicals)
May 19 — Create a Pollinator Garden at the Laconia Public Library, (Belknap County 4-H Youth Leadership Team)
May 19 — NH Tree Fruit Twilight Meeting, (Butternut Farm & UNH Extension)
May 22 — Fibersheds & Community (Radically Rural)
May 23 — Watering Your Garden with Drip Irrigation, (UNH Extension)
June 4 — Herb & Garden Day, (New Hampshire Herbal Network)
June 11 — Buds & Blooms: Pollination, (NH Audubon)
August 5 - 7 — NOFA Summer Conference
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