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To All CCRA Members:

As you likely know, the Annual Meeting of the Center City Residents’ Association is next Thursday, May 27.

As you also likely know, one of the functions at the Meeting is to elect new officers and board members. CCRA’s Nominating Committee begins the process of selecting new officers and board members by publicly recruiting for candidates for open positions. The Committee then carefully evaluates all of the candidates to try to best match candidates and their skills and expertise with open positions. This lengthy process culminates in the Committee nominating a slate of officer and board candidates. The slate of candidates is attached.

On rare occasions nominations of candidates are made from the floor. This year, due to COVID, the process for nominating a candidate from the floor is different.

This year, CCRA is accepting ‘floor nominations’ via e-mail. All such nominations must be submitted by email ( by close of business tomorrow Thursday, May 20.

Officer and board candidates must be nominated by another CCRA member. The nominating member must copy the nominee on the nominating email. The nominee must then “reply to all”, with a message indicating the following:

1.    The nominee is a CCRA member
2.    The nominee is willing to serve in the role for which they are nominated
3.    The nominee will attend the May 27 Annual Meeting

The final ballot will be circulated via email on Monday May 24.

Voting will commence then via an online poll and end on Thursday, May 27 at the start of the Annual meeting, when the results will be tabulated and then announced.

Please direct all questions to Travis Oliver.

-Maggie Mund
President, Center City Residents’ Association