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NOPREN State-of-the-Science:
October 17th @ 12pm ET
New Developments in Research & Application of the HER Nutrition Guidelines for the Charitable Food System

Speakers: Marlene Schwartz, Maria Gombi-Vaca, Caitlin Caspi (University of Connecticut Rudd Center for Food Policy and Health)

This presentation will offer updates on the work surrounding the HER Nutrition Guidelines for the Charitable Food System since its release in 2020. The discussion will include a recent validation study of the Guidelines and new tools for its application in the charitable food system.

Passcode: 610909
Meeting ID: 910 5393 6229
Work Group Meetings & Updates
Information about upcoming Work Group meetings can be found here.
October's featured topics include:
USDA actions on nutrition security in early childhood
Early Childhood WG

Commercial determinants of health framework and measuring the Influence of the product environment on health
Healthy Food Retail WG

Technology-based behavioral strategies for rural communities
Rural Food Access WG

Impact of the WIC CVB increase
WIC Learning Collaborative

And more!
Join us for the final session of the NOPREN Science Communication Series
October 26th @ 12:30pm ET

Communication Planning: Effective Use of Digital and Social Media for Engagement and Dissemination
Hosted by: The Drinking Water Work Group

Click here to read more about the series or listen to past recordings. Topic areas include: centering lived expertise in nutrition promotion & obesity prevention, working with the media, developing clear communications to policymakers, and much more!
NOPREN Food Security Work Group: Call for Collaborators

The NOPREN Food Security Work Group is looking for collaborators for a project that aims to identify & validate a 1-item screening tools for measuring food insecurity among US adolescents!

Click here to learn more or contact Dr. Kaitlyn Harper at
NOPREN HER Resource Digest
The weekly digest is a joint product of NOPREN and HER.

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This digest is based on a compilation of more than 200 news services and listservs developed by Sheila Fleischhacker and HER. The bi-weekly digest is created by NOPREN and reviewed by Sheila Fleischhacker, former co-chair of the HER NOPREN COVID-19 Food & Nutrition Work Group. The content in this digest are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official position of CDC, DHHS, or HER.
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Baker Tilly Public Sector Executive Recruitment - Health Commissioner.

Food and Nutrition Service - Public Affairs Specialist, 10/19/22.

George Washington University, The Milken School of Public Health - Director, Food & Health Policy Institute, review begins 10/17/22 until filled.

Loyola University Chicago, School of Law - Professor and Bernard J. Beazley Chair in Health Law and Policy.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine - Associate Program Officer, Food and Nutrition Board.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine - Research Associate, Food and Nutrition Board.

Natural Resources Defense Council - Health & Food Policy Advocate.

Oregon State University - Education Program Assistant 2, deadline 10/16/22.

Penn State University Park - Assistant/Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences (Diet and Disease), deadline 10/21/22.

Penn State University Park - Assistant/Associate Professor in Precision Nutrition, deadline 10/21/22.

University of Delaware - Tenure Track Faculty Position, Human Development and Family Services, deadline open until filled.

University of Kentucky - Lecturer, Dietetics and Human Nutrition, deadline 11/1/22.

University of Michigan School of Public Health, Department of Nutritional Sciences - Assistant Professor.

University of Michigan School of Public Health, Department of Nutritional Sciences - Open Rank Professor.


The Global Food Research Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Postdoc Scholar.

Public Health Law Center at Mitchell Hamline School of Law - Research Assistant.
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