March 2022

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CELF Student Symposium 2022 Puts

Student Innovation and Action Center Stage

On March 11th, 2022, CELF hosted its 5th Annual Student Symposium, the culminating event for the CELF Civic Science: Inquiry-to-Action program. This virtual event brought young civic scientists together to share their research projects, data, and ideas for environmental stewardship with community members, field experts, policy makers and peers from schools across the country.

Students from urban and rural communities presented data and solutions to improve air quality and water quality. Other projects addressed pollution mitigation, on-campus composting, sidewalk accessibility and beach erosion.

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Featured student videos

Walkable Cities: The Future of Houston

At Blanson CTE High School in Houston,12th grade students studied access to sidewalks and made recommendations.

High Island High School: Coastal Changes Study

Students at High Island High School in Texas tracked beach erosion in their multi-year analysis.

"I really appreciate this opportunity because this symposium is the first time we've presented this data, or this entire project, to anybody else. Now we're ready to go out to some local governing boards." -Ms. Skewis, Science teacher, High Island High School, Texas

Are you Ready for the Summer?

Registration Now Open for CELF's Institutes

At CELF, we recognize that the disruption of the last two years – lost classroom hours, new demands on teachers, student frustration and grief – weighs heavily on educators of all types. When we ask “What does sustainability mean NOW?,” we look outward to environmental remediation, and inward to restoring self-worth and motivation.

This summer, CELF is offering institutes in-person (we're back!) and online.

In-person institutes in the heart of our learning communities:

  • Houston, TX (June 27-29)
  • Westchester, NY (July 11-13)
  • Buffalo, NY (date tentative)

Virtual Civic Science institute (July 19-28)

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CELF Executive Director Tara Stafford Ocansey in conversation with our founder.

In this video, CELF's new Executive Director catches up with CELF's founder to share ideas about the future of our organization, and our planet!

Welcoming New Leadership to CELF

On January 18th, Tara Stafford Ocansey joined CELF as Executive Director upon the retirement of CELF founder Katie Ginsberg. Tara spent over a decade with the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University's Earth Institute, where she led global education programs across the lifelong learning spectrum, collaborating with diverse stakeholders from government, non-profit, corporate, academic, and grassroots sectors.

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Resources Page:

Looking for ideas for lessons and activities? Interested in delving deeper on sustainability? CELF’s new Searchable Resources page allows you to search by grade level and civic science pathway.

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Interactive Map:

Virtual programming has opened CELF’s doors wider than ever to educators from around the United States and beyond: to highly diverse communities in urban and rural settings. This interactive map shows all schools that have participated in CELF programs in 2021. Click on a pin to view program participation and school demographics.

What Sustainability Means Now: In the News

The Katy News: Harmony School of Fine Arts & Technology Investigates Hand Sanitizer & Indoor Air Quality: Students at this Harmony school in Houston carried out sophisticated research of air quality around their campus.

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LAUSD School Board Unanimously Approves Climate Literacy Resolution: The Los Angeles resolution addresses: education about environmental justice and green jobs. A student board member said, “This will prompt students to be civically engaged in defining their futures and that of their environment.”

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NYS Dept. of Ed. launches Seal of Civic Readiness: The Seal acknowledges the importance of active participation in our democracy and community and empowers students with a sense of agency. Interested in getting your students involved? The next school registration deadline is August 1, 2022.

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Opportunities for Partnership and Support

Join us in supporting timely and powerful programs for students and teachers! We are seeking sponsors for in-kind and financial contributions. Overview documents are linked here:

With programs like the Green Careers speaker series, you and your company can both learn from and contribute to schools pursuing environmental literacy and sustainability across their campuses and curricula!

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