VPK Attendance for August 2018 is due to Coalition by December 31, 2018
The Office of Early Learning has announced that the VPK Attendance module is available in the OEL Provider Portal. At this time, VPK Providers are required to submit their VPK attendance for the month of August 2018 only. The deadline to submit your August attendance for all the VPK classrooms is December 31, 2018. 
T he Coalition team will process the VPK payments in the new OEL Portal system with attendance entered by the providers. We will use this data and our accounting system to reconcile and true-up August payments and make the necessary adjustments.

CLICK HERE to download the Provider Portal User Guide
  1. Log into your account.

    Go to the following Provider Portal link to log into your account https://providerservices.floridaearlylearning.com
  2. From the provider dashboard, go to the Attendance menu item.
  3. Select Manage VPK Attendance.
  4. On the VPK Attendance Roster, select a Service Period and Class ID. (The blue summary box to the right contains class details such as the class full name, start and end dates, max class size, etc.).
    1. Select August Service Period.
    2. Providers with multiple classes must submit an attendance roster for each class for payment.
    3. Children that are "Enrolled" are included on the VPK attendance roster.
    4. The search feature may be used to search for any criteria included in the roster. (i.e.. a name, DOB, age, billing group, or status).
    5. The summary feature shows the current/saved attendance information for all children in one view.
  5. Click on a child's name to view their attendance for the month.
    1. Days the site is closed are marked with an asterisk " * ".
    2. Days the child is scheduled to attend are marked with an "X" for present.
    3. A legend is provided at the bottom right for more code descriptions
  6. To change a present day to absent, click on the "X." The "X" for present will now appear as an "A" for absent.
    1. Absences entered by mistake can be changed back to present by clicking on the "A". 
  7. While not required, it is recommended to click Save (below the calendar) before moving on to another child.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to record absences for each child.
  9. When all child absences are marked for the month, click Submit to Coalition button.
  10. Clicking Continue brings up the Sign and Certify page that summarizes the information for each child and an electronic signature is required.
  11. Enter Full Name, check the box for Certify by electronic signature, and click Submit.
    1. Note: to abandon the submission, click Cancel.
    2. The required name is case sensitive.
  12. Upon submission, the screen returns to the VPK Attendance Roster view with the August service period displayed. Select the submitted August service period from the drop down. The submitted roster now has a submitted message and each child shows "SUB" for submitted in the status column. This status will change as the Coalition staff process the child attendance.
Note: It is important to note that enrollment changes can be made in the Manage VPK Enrollments screen and not in the Attendance screen. This includes  changing anticipated start dates, removing children who never attended your VPK program and entering terminations. These need to be completed prior to finalizing your attendance.  If you need assistance with your VPK attendance, please contact your assigned Reimbursement Specialist.  CLICK HERE FOR A CURRENT CONTACT LIST
We will continue to share information with our providers in a timely manner. Please check your email and the  Portal FAQ page  often for updates.  We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this transition.
Thank you.
Your Reimbursement Team

Please Contact Rhonda Collier at 727-400-4475 

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Email: info@elcpinellas.net
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