September Attendance: Next Steps
OEL is still working through issues with the Provider Portal that affects VPK attendance for September 2018

At this time, we are requesting that providers please complete manual attendance for September 2018 using the linked attendance roster: CLICK HERE For further instructions on completing handwritten rosters, please CLICK HERE .

We will deposit your September VPK reimbursement to your bank account on Wednesday, October 31st. 
Once we know that the attendance function is working properly, we will request that you submit your August and September 2018 VPK attendance electronically. We will then process the submitted electronic attendance, reconcile the actual reimbursement against the VPK reimbursement that you received, and deposit any monies owed. We will also retain any over payments, if applicable.

OEL and the Coalition are aware of the challenges and stress that this transition has created for providers and families, and sincerely apologize. Please know that we are doing everything in our power to correct the issues with the new OEL Portal and we hope to reconcile all reimbursements made for the 2018-2019 program year on a more reliable and efficient system that we can benefit from soon.

Please check your email and the  Portal FAQ page  often for updates.  Your patience is greatly appreciated as we continue the transition process to the new OEL system.
Please Contact Karen Keene at 727-400-4476 or Rhonda Collier at 727-400-4475

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