NOTO Awards
The NOTO awards were created to acknowledge the people who make Ontario's tourism industry so vibrant. The awards are presented every year to members who have gone above and beyond to improve both the natural and working environment, and/or tourism as a whole. 

Please take a moment to think about someone who you feel should be acknowledged for their contributions.
NOTO Conservation Award:
Awarded to a NOTO member who has contributed substantially to conservation. Here are some examples of activities that a nominee could be, or has been involved in:
  • They have changed their business model to incorporate their own camp conservation fishing rules over and above the Provincial fishing regulations
  • They have volunteered for their local fishery or wildlife stewardship or advisory groups
  • They have volunteered in initiatives to promote healthy fish or wildlife populations
  • They have sat on Government initiated committees, advisory groups for the betterment of the environment, wildlife and/or fish species
  • They have hosted fish or wildlife studies at their place of business
Bob Giles Award: 
Awarded to a NOTO member who has shown outstanding performance in the field of Northern Ontario Tourism. The successful nominee is chosen by the NOTO Board of Directors based on the nominations that are received.

Generally, NOTO members can be nominated for the following activities and initiatives:
  • Extensive years of service in the tourism industry
  • Success in building a business model around a unique niche market
  • Developing innovative partnerships
  • Dedication to voluntary committee work
Outfitter of the Year Award:
Awarded to a NOTO member who made an outstanding contribution to tourism, over the last year. The winner of this award will be selected by the Preferred Supplier’s Board of Directors from the nominations that are submitted.

Examples of contributions could be:
  • Promoted NOTO to other tourism businesses
  • Raised money for a charity
  • Supported another tourism operation in need
  • Mentors new owners in the tourism industry
  • Represents the RBT industry through advocacy or external committee involvement
  • Participates actively as a NOTO member by providing feedback regularly
Tourism Champion: 
This is a recently developed award that can be awarded annually to a person who supports a strong and united tourism industry. A person(s) who sees tourism in a much larger picture than their own specific business or role they play. They are dedicated to spreading the word about the value tourism to people locally, provincially, nationally, and/or globally. This award does not necessarily need to be given to a tourism business owner or a NOTO member.

Some of the examples of activities for this award could be:
  • Has sat on a Board, council, committee, task force, or working group representing tourism
  • Has led a group of tourism stakeholders on any pro-tourism initiative
  • Has made presentations that promote a strong vibrant tourism industry
  • Has gone above and beyond to support tourism within a role in Government of any level
  • Has advocated for a strong tourism industry to political leaders on their own
  • Has demonstrated a clear sense of responsibility for stewardship of the land, fish and wildlife in order to have a sustainable tourism industry
  • A tourism business staff member (ie. fishing or hunting guide, wait or housekeeping staff, pilots, dock personnel) who has shown a real passion for tourism
Preferred Supplier of The Year Award
Awarded to a NOTO Preferred Supplier in recognition of their dedication, support and participation in furthering the goals and objectives of NOTO and its members. 

Examples of activities could be:
  • Supporting their clients in ways beyond their core services or product offerings
  • Supporting members through offering an exclusive discount through NOTO
  • Encouraging NOTO memberships from other businesses Serving on the NOTO Board of Directors
  • Sponsoring fundraising activities carried out by NOTO
  • Volunteering time to assist on NOTO committees and working groups
Environmental Award
Gerry Dignard from Canadian Shield Consultants created this award for NOTO Members to bring better awareness to the kinds of activities that can be done to help our environment, highlight the good work that our members do to protect the environment, and encourage more participation at our members lodges.

The award will be presented to the winners annually at the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit with a prize of $1,000.00 that will be provided by Canadian Shield Consultants. NOTO is very pleased to work with Gerry on this initiative.

Applicants must demonstrate existing or planned activity in at least 5 of the categories to be considered for the award. All submissions will be evaluated by a NOTO Committee.
We hope to celebrate those dedicated to our industry. Each person who is nominated will be notified by the NOTO office of their nomination and will be encouraged to attend the virtual Northern Ontario Tourism Summit in November. Details to come shortly!

Please contact Laurie Marcil at 705-472-5552 x24 or by email at by October 31st to submit your nomination or with any questions.