Area26 SPECIAL update!!
February 2020 | Issue 6.3
Virginia athlete Blake Hairston (yes, we had TWO) celeberating with Chris at game's end
Chris and Emilio Courtside at the NBA All Star Game
NBA Cares Unified Team Selection
Application Process
The Candidates...
Team Makeup
Both Applicants Chris and Tom were required to submit video summaries of their interest in participation in the game. The videos are available on our Youtube site and can be accessed from the buttons below.
They also submitted paper applications with their Coaches, Emilo Alonso and Nola Gaskins respectively.
Chris Carter
Tom Merz
Each team was made up of 6 athletes selected from all over the world, and 4 partners - each a sports luminary. Details on the teams and players themselves can be found at the button below.
The 12 selected athletes came from all over - as far as Korea, and Chris's celebrity teammates were Horace Grant , Toni Kukoc and Cappie Pondexter .
Media Coverage
As indicated previously, the full game was shown live on the NBACares FaceBook site, where it can be viewed in its entirety. Several stories were subsequently published about the event and the remarkable finish with the win at the buzzer.
After the AMAZING role Chris played in the finish, there has been quite a media-storm around him and the event. Here are a few of the sites, videos and articles around the web and country.
Area 26 can only support athletes at events like this with donations from familes, friends and supporters - please consider giving.
You can find out how HERE .
A Special Tribute...
Chris specifically picked #24 - known by all as that of true Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant in honor of his accomplishments as a player and leader and in memory of his tragic passing last month. Chris was, without a doubt, channeling Kobe during the game.
Meanwhile, back at GMU, a Stellar Watch Party
To make sure Chris's team at home got to see this fantastic event, Coach Leo Alonso (Uncle of Emilio) and athletes Zach Fowler and Kyler Reese hosted a watch party with members of all of the GMU SO Basketball teams packing two floors of the house with big screens. You could hear the cheers down the street at the finish!!
With food and ready for the tip-off
Kyler, Josh F, Kevin B, Max H and event Runner-up Tom Merz taking a break for a selfie..
Projectionist Alina Tilton capturing the action
The Crew Glued to the 100" screen
Special Thanks...
Area 26 would like to thank Coaches Alonso and Gaskins, the GMU SO community and the families of Chris Carter and Tom Merz for their efforts in supporting this very special opportunity; and Ben Solomon, Kristi King and Drew Wilder for the media coverage.