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 November 2015 Newsletter 



The 2nd Annual Festival of Texas Fiddling held at the historic La Bahia Turn Verein dance hall was a success and so much fun!  We thank all of our sponsors and all who came!
 LaBahia Turn Verein Dance Hall
Burton, Texas

Message from TDHP President, Deb Fleming 
Slowly crossing the six-month mark in my role as President of Texas Dance Hall Preservation at the end of November brings me to a place of looking back and looking forward.  I have been on the 'TDHP scene' since before there was officially a TDHP organization.   TDHP was formed in 2007 as a statewide 501c3 non-profit organization with a small group of passionate, enthusiastic historic dance hall supporters and preservation minded individuals and a few enthusiastic cheerleaders and supporters on the sidelines.  One of those cheerleaders was yours truly as an active volunteer throughout the past 8 years.  Along the way TDHP has awakened the consciousness and hearts of many Texans, some native and others just late arrivals.  The love of Texas history, community, music, dancing and the feel you get when you enter our state's historic dance halls is what binds us together and to this place we know as The Lone Star State! 
Over the past eight years awareness about these historic halls has been raised in the public eye and TDHP has been instrumental in this effort    Many stories have been written, events hosted, information gathered, contacts made, assessments and consultations provided and general information shared with many groups throughout the state.  Much has been done but there is still a vast amount on the horizon that still is needed.  Unfortunately, time is against us as many of the most at risk halls hang on the edge of demise and total loss.  Others struggle to stay viable and useful within what once were active, lively communities. 
We are excited as we close out the year having a new group of board members with a diverse set of skills and interests all focused on the mission of TDHP.  Compliment the board energy with a set of advisors from past TDHP boards and dance hall experts we are posed on the threshold for new directions and action oriented efforts to assure the preservation of our precious historic dance halls.  We have begun a strategic planning process with both groups and will work to formalize action plans and objectives for 2016 and beyond over the next few months.  We will share this as this plan solidifies.
One clear goal is the establishment of a Dance Hall Preservation Fund.  This fund would be used to underwrite grants to individual halls for preservation and restoration needs based on a defined criteria. As a supporter of dance hall preservation, this is how each of YOU can help.  Donations to the Preservation Fund will help provide much needed funds to help with the smallest of maintenance needs when local funds are limited.  These small grants can make the different and assure community halls receive the most basic of maintenance with a little help from their friends!    Donations can be made in a number of ways.  Mail a check to TDHP at 10270 Twin Lake Loop, Dripping Springs, TX 78620 or make a donation online using PayPal via info@texasdancehall.org.  For more information or help with a donation through other means, email us at admin@texasdancehall.org
Thanks for your continued support and interest in Texas Dance Hall Preservation.  Let us know what you want to hear more about in future Newsletters and share your copy online to your friends and family.    Best wishes to all for a safe and food filled Thanksgiving!        

Would you like to own a historic Texas dance hall? There are two on the market currently.
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Five acres plus a historic 1900's dance hall plus house with pool and so much more! Click on the following link for detailed information!

The Historical Silver Spur Dance Hall is on the market! Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a big part of the history of Bandera, TX. 5 rock cabins are also on this site, 3 are currently refurbished and furnished vacation rentals and all are 1 bedroom/1 bath. Dance Hall has been used for private functions! On 3.9 acres overlooking the City of Bandera, The City Park and the Medina River. $450,000



Introduction of two of TDHP Board members

Schneider Hall is nestled on Highway 71 South just a few miles outside of Columbus, Texas.  Whether you're looking for a charming place to hold your wedding, a fun place to have a family reunion, an out of town business meeting, or just a party for party's sake everyone will be able to come because of our central location; we are within 2 hours of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It offers the perfect place to host any event.  
Schneider Hall is an original Texas Dancehall that operated throughout the 1930's.  It was run by the Schneider brothers; Fred, Jim, Willie, and Jake.  They hosted regular dances at the hall and many town events including the  1939 Farmers League Rally Day which was reported to have had over 1000 people attend.  The hall officially closed its doors in 1942, but still hosted events and parties throughout the 1950's.  The hall was used for hay storage until 2009 when the Burris family began renovations for their daughter's wedding reception.  
In May 2010, the restoration of the original dance hall was completed.  Every effort was taken to ensure the original integrity of the dance hall; old wood from other structures was used whenever possible.  In addition to the renovation, a fully functioning stand alone bathroom was built for both women and men.  To help integrate the outdoor aspects a large deck was built onto the rear of the hall.  Water and electricity have also been included in the renovated structure.  Although there is no air conditioning there are many large windows that allow a comfortable breeze to circulate air.  Parking is ample for even the largest of parties with large fields on each side of the hall to accommodate your guests.  
Go to the Calendar of the Texas Dance Hall Preservation website  to find out more about Texas dance halls, their history, their location and the music.
Many Texas dance halls can be rented for special events such as weddings, meetings, family reunions, etc.  Add some Texas tradition to your event by inquiring into the availability of your favorite Texas dance hall.
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