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In February 1993, the Solid Waste Management Department was created and tasked with implementing and monitoring recycling programs for Peoria County. The department's name was changed to Recycling and Resource Conservation in March 2003. To reflect the expansion of duties for staff, the name was revised once again to Sustainability and Resource Conservation in 2014.

The County is proud to own a landfill while also working to exceed the State’s recycling goal of 25%. In fact, Peoria County hit 37% in 2000 and hasn’t fallen below that mark since. Part of the County’s success is tied to a Commercial Recycling Ordinance that requires all businesses to recycle at least two material streams. They also have a quarterly reporting requirement for all businesses, schools and government agencies. All collection contractors are licensed. Staff offer education programs to schools, businesses and community groups, as well as operating two recycling drop-off programs. Staff continues to strive to improve diversion while meeting the needs of the community.

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The National Recycling Coalition (NRC)
December 1 - 3, 2020

"Zero Waste programs are the quickest, most effective way for communities, businesses & institutions to help meet the challenge of climate change. This Conference is for those working to implement real Zero Waste programs that follow the Zero Waste definition and principles developed by the Zero Waste International Alliance." Gary Liss, NRC Conference Co-Chair and VP of Zero Waste USA.
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Legislative Update
On the federal level, we anticipate President-Elect Joe Biden to reverse the rollbacks on many environmental regulations and move forward with actions to protect water, reduce greenhouse gases and invest in sustainable infrastructure to protect our natural resources. On the State level, we will see 15 new House representatives and 7 new Senators. Due to COVID, the Veto session has been postponed but we expect action on items that are essential to State operations. The “Fair Tax” failed to pass and the Governor has stated that we should expect cutbacks to various programs. We do anticipate the legislature’s return in January for a “lame-duck” session before the new General Assembly is sworn in on January 13. We expect to support a few bills, forming a government relations team to work diligently on addressing the issues facing our Members.
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Building Illinois’s Materials Management Future
A Report From The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA)

In July 2019, Governor Pritzker signed H.B. 3068, creating the Materials Management Advisory Committee, comprised of a diverse group of two dozen environmental professionals. The Committee is tasked with developing a report to the General Assembly detailing the current state of waste management and recycling infrastructure in Illinois and recommending enhancements to maximize landfill diversion over the next two decades.

To efficiently achieve these objectives, the Committee has divided its work among five subcommittees, respectively focused on: education and outreach, infrastructure enhancement, market development, measurement and local government support. To date, the Committee has identified relevant materials management data to report to the General Assembly, mapped the existing materials management infrastructure, crafted surveys to evaluate the breadth of local government programs available and evaluated viable options to enhance recycling markets in Illinois.

The Committee and each subcommittee meet monthly. All meetings are open to the public. Additional information on the Committee’s work and scheduled meetings is available on the Illinois EPA’s website at:

Deadline Dec 4, 2020 for comment on the
The US EPA is working on a national strategy for recycling. Earlier this month they released a draft that builds on EPA’s 2019 National Framework for Advancing the U.S. Recycling System. The strategy organizes high-level actions around three strategic objectives to improve the U.S. recycling system:

  • Reduce contamination
  • Increase processing efficiency
  • Improve markets
This is now open for public comment through December 4, 2020, with the goal of finalizing it in early 2021. Please review and comment and let us know your concerns so we may also incorporate them as the Collective Voice from the State of Illinois.
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