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I'm sure you noticed the newsletter looks a little different this month, and that's because we've moved a new, more robust, messaging platform...we're growing up! We will miss the Mailchimp monkey, but this will give us a lot more capabilities. And of course, we'll still have the same exciting updates, amazing rescue photos, feel good stories guaranteed to bring a little sunshine to your month.

The holiday season is upon us, as I'm sure many of you are aware if you've visited any retail stores. And that means a lot of fun, as well as giving opportunities, for us too. We recently held our second annual HOWL-OWEEN COSTUME Contest, which received an outstanding number of submissions and amazing costumes...but, there can only be one winner. We posted this coveted award on social media, but I've included it here as well. You can never have too much animal adorableness.

Switching gears from ghoul news to Yule news, we've partnered with Lynch Creek Farms this Christmas. From now, until December 10th, they're donating 15% of every eligible wreath purchase to us! Check out the link below and start shopping!

We have a new blog posted as well. It's a little bit of history, a lot heartwarming, and welcomes us into the season of thanks. And don't miss the news stories, they're sure to put a smile on your face as well.

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Our 2023 HOWL-OWEEN Costume Contest Winner Is...LUIGI!

This senior, rescue bearded dragon piled on even more fantasy by going from a 🐉 …to a 🦄!! Luigi was submitted by his amazing mom, Kathleen Summers. First place received a Pumpkin Spice Set from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Big thanks to Kathleen for letting us know prize package arrived, and for including a photo of Luigi's brother Hans enjoying the G&H plush toy!


A wreath symbolizes faith, wholeness and the circle of life.

UNTIL DECEMBER 10th, 15% of each purchase of an eligible wreath, centerpiece, swag, garland or gift box is donated to Race for Life Rescue!

Make your home a little more beautiful for the holidays, while helping an animal in need find a warm place to call their own this season. Lynch Creek Farm has great gift options as well!

Click the button below to start shopping, or enter code: 301516 during checkout.



Guinea pigs, rabbits, and doggos, oh, my! On the morning of October 25th, we joined Bissell Pet Foundation in Baton Rouge, LA where we met our awesome shelter crews and 61 of their friends.

In no time, our newest passengers boarded and we were off to NY! 🍎 🍁I think they’ll be apple picking and cider sipping with new, loving families any weekend now! ❤️


As we enter the holiday season and month of thanks, I find myself reflecting on the many things I have to be thankful for in my life. But as I sit next to the fire writing this article, with my dog curled up next to me, there are few gifts I’m more thankful for than her. If your love of dogs runs deep, and since you're reading this, I can only assume it does - then you understand. The profound joy, companionship, love, and devotion they impart illustrates a bond that was established thousands of years ago. But what was the catalyst that spurred such an undeniable connection and how has it been passed through thousands of canine generations and breeds?

Around 16,000 years ago, humans from Siberia crossed the Bering land bridge to settle North and South America. While the domesticated dog didn’t arrive for another 6,000 years, it was just in time to avoid the Bering land bridge’s collapse and make in onto the land mass that would later become the Americas.


In the 1960s and 1970s, archaeologists excavated two sites in western Illinois, where ancient hunter-gatherers collected shellfish from a nearby river and hunted deer in the dense forests surrounding the Great Lakes. Remarkably, these people also appear to have buried their dogs: One was found at a site known as Stilwell II, and four at a site called Koster, curled up in individual, grave like pits.

Radiocarbon analysis of the bones reveals that they are around 10,000 years old, making these canines the oldest dogs known in the Americas. It also makes these the oldest, singularly specific dog burials anywhere in the world.



Woman Adopts Dog at Shelter for 7 Years After Discovering Canine's Touching Tie to Her Late Pet


A series of signs helped unite a Pennsylvania shelter's long-term canine resident and a woman who recently lost her pet. The Animal Resource Center (ARC) in Bloomsburg shared the touching story in a Facebook post on Friday, calling it an "extremely special adoption" and noting to its followers that they may need to "grab a tissue real quick."


Stray Dog Steps in as Surrogate Mom for some Hungry, Abandoned Puppies at Texas Shelter


In late October, a woman found the Great Pyrenees wandering the streets of Fort Bend County, Texas, as a stray. It was clear to the Good Samaritan that the dog recently had puppies because she was "full of milk," but her puppies "could not be located," according to Rene Vasquez, the director of Fort Bend County Animal Services.



Every dollar has the power to not only change a life, but SAVE A LIFE. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can provide a ticket to a new life for an animal in need. Nothing will warm you more completely than that.

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