Dear Good Vibe Tribe,

Happy "NOW" Year to all! We are so happy to bring OM 2019 with two words in mind
The best direction is your own direction when it comes to taking care of yourself, fueling your human spirit and engine as you arrive to the mindful decisions of what to do or do next on your journey. My path of exploration in the healing arts began in the 80's.The era of influential fashion statements and awesome music or at least in my perspective. We can agree to agree or not agree, either way, my mission is to talk yoga with you all. It's so easy to get side tracked or distracted when you have much on the mind. Now, this is one reason you may consider a yoga practice because you may have heard it helps calm the mind. So true, the key to remember is that yoga is a practice and the more we practice, we become less influenced by the distractions or chitta vritti (the busy mind).

Yoga has been a passion for me for many years because it has transformed my body, mind and state of being in so many ways. It wasn't an immediate LOVE at first sight with yoga, as it is for some, but it took one day at a time to commit to the process. I soon fell in love with the dance between the mind and body, it was a one step, then two step awakening to what yoga was doing for my well-being. My initial experience with yoga created the opportunity for me to become still and embrace the mental shift as I experienced it in my body energetically. Yoga eventually became a practice that led me on the path to soothe and heal my mind and body in a gentle way at my own pace. My interest to teach yoga came with the aftermath of a car accident that woke me up to the core with such a gratitude to be alive, then learning many styles of yoga as it became the solid path to healing of the chronic pain traveling from my coccyx (tail bone) to my neck. Yoga saved me!! So, with another nudge from the universe to take my best direction, the yoga teacher was born. Yoga also taught me to step into my voice and my passion for this ancient art is forever growing strong from one year to the next. I understand pain and discomfort, coming from a place of not feeling at my best while using yoga as a practice for the process to re-pattern and re-learn how to move in my body to heal. I also understand the practice in a way that reaches to the center of self beyond the ego, although the ego likes to be the boss sometimes, I've practiced keeping it in check too or at least I hope. Remember, you should not feel pain in a yoga practice, yoga feels good when you allow yourself to follow the path of least resistance as you get to know your body on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and soulful level every time you step onto the mat.

We so appreciate all your support and commitment to your own practice in this yogi community you all have been building since the day we opened our doors. We want to continually grow and support the needs of our Sangha (community). So, with the unfortunate government closings, many folks are feeling the stress in many ways, we want to do a small part in relieving any heaviness you've been carrying lately with a gift. We are offering a free class for now for our friends affected by the furlough, please let us know at the front desk.

It's our Beatles Yoga class, start coming next week on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm! It's upbeat and we are sure you will leave feeling uplifted and peaceful. We also have every 1st Friday of the month Community Free Class.

FURLOUGH FREE CLASS on Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Also, to jump into the new year, we have new updates on all our offerings. We have added three new memberships, packages and a new customer offer.
Right NOW offering a discount on all of our memberships and packages.
This does not apply to the SEVA discounted membership or workshops and
New Customer Specials.


Bring your neighbor to yoga challenge.
Win prizes for inviting your friends and family to yoga. Pick up your postcards at the studio and follow directions on the postcard.

Keep an eye out for part two of this newsletter as we share about many of our upcoming guest presenters and all the


workshops on the schedule.

Live & Love,
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