With a very successful first event 

Register today and save time and money. Register on or before 2-03-15 and receive a FREE Mechanics Band.

The Florida Pro Kart Series welcomes any Chassis and any Engine package. We are a unbiased series and do not sell or import anything for Karting!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Weekend points winners:

Tag Micro 1st.$500.00 2nd. $300.00 3rd. Set of tires.

Tag Sportsman Vortex 60 cc 1st. $500.00 2nd. $300.00 3rd. Set of tires.
IAME JR. 1st. $1000.00 2nd.$500.00 3rd. Set of tires.

IAME SR. 1st. $2000.00 2nd. $500.00 3rd. Set of tires.

Open Tag SR. 1st. $500.00 2nd.$300.00 3rd. Set of tires.

Open Tag Master. 1st. $500.00 2nd.$300.00 3rd. Set of tires. 

Briggs 206 SR. 1st. $500.00 2nd. $250.00 3rd. $150.00 4th. $100.00

Briggs 206 Jr. Class

weekend points winners will receive.

1st. place FREE ENTRY INTO ROUND 3 at Jacksonville 2nd. place $300.00

3rd. place $100.00 4th. place $50.00 



1ST. Place $500.00

2nd. Place $300.00

3rd. Place Set of Tires.



IONIC Edge 2015 Florida Pro Kart Series Contingency Program!

We can't think of a better way to support the Florida Pro Kart series. 

This 2015 Florida Pro Kart Series IONIC Edge Contingency program is under way we are extremely excited to announce our current plan. We will be aiming to support our customers by awarding all IONIC Edge winners for each race. Each racer can win $75.00 cash for each win or $100.00 credit towards their next chassis purchase. This will apply for all Florida Pro Kart events. Awards package applies to any class as long as the win is on an IONIC Edge!






1 Set of Passenger car tires will be given out. 

1 Set of Light truck tires will be given out.

 IAME Swift 60cc. winner will receive a trip to SKUSA in Vegas 2015. SUPER SUNDAY. We are extremely excited to announce entry, race tires and guaranteed starting spot for the Super Sunday main event in the IAME Junior and IAME Senior classes for two lucky competitors that will be drawn at the conclusion of the series between the top five finishers in both classes point standings. These competitors will have the opportunity to compete at the largest sprint karting event in the world, the 2015 SKUSA SuperNationals in Las Vegas, Nevada."   

   IAME SR Year End Awards: 

 Champion - IAME International Finals Ticket with $2000.00 travel credit.
 2nd - X30 Engine Package
 3rd - $1000.00 IAME Parts Certificate
 4th - $500.00 IAME Parts Certificate
 5th - $250.00 IAME Parts Certificate
 IAME JR. Year End Awards:
Champion - IAME International Finals Ticket with $2000.00 travel credit.
2nd - X30 Engine Package
3rd - $1000.00 IAME Parts Certificate
4th - $500.00 IAME Parts Certificate
5th - $250.00 IAME Parts Certificate

The top five in the Open tag Master's and the Open tag Senior's will be put into a drawing for a New Chassis a $5,000.00 + PRIZE Thank you Praga North America  

Champions Trip will include entry,tires and team placement plus $2,000.00 travel credit.

3rd. IAME Trip that will include entry, tires and team placement will be awarded as a raffle of the driver's that participated in all 3 event's in IAME JR. and IAME SR.
Increased participation in all classes is expected for the next round of the series, which is set to take place at the Palm Beach Karting Center on February 6-8.

Florida Pro Kart Series Inc. (FPKS) is all about bringing fun back into the sport and Changing the way karting is looked upon while taking an unbiased approach.  We want to bring the "Family Orientated" quote back into what a Family Orientated event is supposed to be.  FPKS is striving to bring happiness, fun, and fairness to all karters who want to build a career or for the ones who want to just play.  We want new people to recruit to the sport of karting, see a lot of familiar faces and bring back some drivers that have been discouraged from doing what they love. 




THANK YOU to all of the Sponsors and Racers for making the event a success. 

Glenn Biggs