A new honey vendor is swarming into the Sarasota Farmers Market!

Hey there Travis,

We are sure you've noticed, but the unpredictable Florida weather is in full force this week. We cannot guarantee that you won't get rained on, but we CAN guarantee 70+ of your favorite local Vendors, gathered in one place, every Saturday. 

Join us as early as 7 AM for artful movement with Bianca and jam out with a few local musicians beginning at 9 AM. 

Read on to meet one of our newest vendors, Sarasota Honey Co, take a look at the reconfigured Market Map and join us every Saturday from 7 AM - 1 PM! Rain & Shine. 

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New Vendor: Sarasota Honey

Introducing Alma Johnson: the Sarasota Honey Company’s co-owner and head beekeeper, who is responsible for overseeing all of their colonies, beekeeping workshop, and community involvement. She began her career with the special needs community as an advocate for parents with children with special needs in the public-school system. She oversaw a state-wide program funded by the Department of Education. Through this program, Alma provided training for professionals serving youth with special needs and created nationally recognized interactive curriculum for youth transitioning from school to community. 

Sarasota Honey Company was in part created by combining Alma expansive training in beekeeping and transition services for youth with special needs. Alma's training in beekeeping came through leaders and researcher in the industry on best practices. She is a certified queen breeder with the focus on genetics. She dedicates time throughout the year to travel to increase her knowledge in honey bees and provide public speaking and classes in beekeeping nationally. Some her travels for continued education have included University of Minnesota Bee lab, USDA Genetics Honey Bee Lab of Louisiana, University of Florida. She has provided beekeeping and sustainability training and fund-raising support to: USF, UF, New College, Florida’s Statewide Beekeepers Conference, various garden and beekeeping associations throughout the US, Urban/Underserved communities in Texas, victims of Hurricane Katrina and orphanages in Tanzania, Africa, San Isidro, Davao Oriental, Philippines, and Ecuador. Alma’s continued goal to continue to increase the number of hobby beekeepers and honey bee awareness. 

We are so grateful to have her and her team as a part of the SFMV Inc. Family! Visit Alma every Saturday at the Sarasota Farmers Market or reach her online HERE.

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Featured Entertainment

Gracie Cespedes will be performing on the corner of Lemon Ave and State Street.

Live Entertainment is available from 9 AM until 12:30 PM every Saturday during the Sarasota Farmers Market, to be featured as an artist, apply here!

Please note the downtown traffic may be impacted by the Pride Car Parade taking place on Main Street on July 11th at 11 am.

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Looking Ahead...

 June 18th: "This is Me" Flash Mob rescheduled from June 4th

June 25th: LIVE music with Moxy Stardust Band

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