April 2021 Newsletter
Announcing 15th NPAA Annual Conference
"A Whole New World: Refresh. Renew. Refocus."
Announcing the NPAA 15th Annual Conference. This year's theme is "A Whole New World: Refresh. Renew. Refocus.". The conference will be at the Wynfrey Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama on November 12-13, 2021.

Deadline Extended for Abstract Submissions! Submit an abstract by May 15th to be considered to a presenter. Submit an Abstract!

AANP Health Policy Conference
Grants were awarded to NPAA members to attend the AANP Health Policy Conference. Here are some of their take-aways from the conference.

Lisa Rhodes, CRNP stated: "The Health Policy conference was enlightening. The general take-away from the program is that policy is important. It has to be evidenced-based and requires persistence. The folks working directly with policy for NPs are resilient and educated about all sides of the issues. I would attend this Policy Conference again.

Cindy Cooke, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP stated: "The AANP Health Policy conference distills health policy and advocacy all into one place. Partnering with legislators to advocate for NP practice to benefit patients is key for our communities. Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, one benefit is the CARES act and finally (after decades) NPs are finally able to order home health and hospice. The next barrier to care is the challenge of the inability of NPs to order diabetic shoes and order/manage cardiac rehabilitation. It is important to continue to share our stories of the challenges of patients with our legislators to modernize legislation at every level. Strengthening access to care benefits our communities – both rural and urban.   Grassroots is so important at every level. Having a concerted effort engages legislators to update and modernize outdated statutes and regulations. Unless we advocate together one voice gets lost in the noise but together, we are strong."

Darlla Thompson, BSN, MPH stated: "The greatest takeaway for myself was the usefulness of social media. Garnering support for health policies could be improved with this method of communication. Grassroots NPs should attend the HP conference because it is health policy focused on enabling all NPs to provide more concise care for patients. Having all NPs, including grassroot NPs, strengthen the push behind realizing Full Practice Authority. Grassroot groups are also connected in their local areas creating opportunity for understanding the needs of NPs in different areas of our nation. Pooling NP resources is a powerful method to garner more support for NP legislative movements."
Legislative Update by Lisa Pair, NPAA VP for Policy
This month, I wanted to introduce you to how to locate and follow pending Alabama state house and senate introduced bills for the legislative session. Go to
You will see all the bills introduced for the 2021 session. However, you can narrow to the bills
that are being sent to the house health committee which are the health- related bills at this link
Get involved with NPAA
The following NPAA offices will be up for election this fall. Nominations will start in May. Each office is held for 2 years except for the Student-At-Large position. Please contact Denise Williams, NPAA Administrative Director,

  • President-elect: shall serve for one (1) two (2) year term. Shall remain informed of all issues, statutes, and concerns facing NPs in Alabama. The President-elect, in absence of the President, shall serve as spokesperson for NPs, call meetings, set the calendar and agenda for the meetings, and chair meetings. The President-elect shall be a co-signer of all bank accounts, chair the Bylaws committee, and take on special tasks as designated by the President.

  • VP for Membership: Shall support efforts related to membership recruitment and retention. The VP of Membership chairs the Membership Committee and may take on special tasks as designated by the President.

  • Secretary: Shall keep minutes and records, including meeting attendance, committee and officer reports, and roll of members. The Secretary shall conduct official correspondence, serve as the coordinator of calendars (in coordination with the President), and publish notice of meetings.

  • Member-at-Large: Shall be elected from the membership. The Member-at-Large is a member of the Executive Committee, attends all meetings of the Steering Committee, and may take on special tasks as designated by the President.

  • Two (2) Student Members-at-Large shall serve on the Steering Committee for a one (1) year term. Student Members-at-Large will be elected annually.
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NPAA's website has a new look! We are asking all of our existing members to log-in and create their new password and update their profiles. Be sure to check out the new member-only pages! We also have a new preceptor and provider database. You can list your participation in these databases through your member profile.

If you would like to join NPAA, please use our streamlined membership form. It is fast and easy!

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