December 2021 Newsletter
The Alabama Rural Medical Services Award (ARMSA) is available to primary care physicians and family medicine nurse practitioners who are starting practice in an Alabama rural area of need. Physicians are eligible for $50,000 per year, and nurse practitioners are eligible for $30,000 per year for their first 3 years of practice.

The areas of need are identified annually in the Status Report of the Alabama Primary Care Physician Workforce produced by the Office for Family Health Education and Research in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Marnix E. Heersink School of Medicine. These areas are determined based on the number of primary care providers available to serve patients in a 30-mintue drive range. In general, a community that has fewer than 1 provider per 2,500 residents is considered in need. Currently, there are 31 rural primary care shortage areas in Alabama. Of these, 15 areas/communities need three or more primary care providers. 

ARMSA is available for providers who are beginning practice in an eligible community within the calendar year of the award. The award can be renewed for an additional 2 years if the provider continues full-time practice in that community.
Communities in need include Oneonta, Wetumpka, Moulton, Chatom, and Tuskegee, along with dozens of others. For information about other eligible communities and applying for ARMSA, contact or call 256‑551‑4609.