June 2021 Newsletter

NPAA's 15th Annual Conference aims to focus on leadership challenges which all Alabama NPs face in healthcare to improve the care we deliver for our patients. We are bringing together experts and leaders to exchange visions on healthcare management thinking, best practices, and ways to improve the care we deliver to our patients.

The program will be a rich mixture of formats starting from keynote sessions to highly interactive discussions and hands-on workshops.

Friday - All Day Sessions
Saturday - Hands-On Workshops and Opioid Updates
BME Rule Change Effective June 14, 2021
Board rules regarding collaborative and supervised practices were recently amended, most notably to increase the maximum number of Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, and assistants to physicians a physician may collaborative with/supervise in all states from four to nine full-time equivalent hours (FTEs) per week. The amendments became effective on June 14, 2021.

Documented quality assurance review will be required for physicians collaborating with/supervising more than 4 FTEs per week, every month for six (6) months following the commencement of a collaborative practice or application for registration with a new mid-level practitioner.

Additionally, physicians will be required to disclose the existence of all collaborative/supervisory agreements in all states upon submission of a new collaborative practice commencement or application for registration.

Other changes include:
  • Continuing medical education requirements for physicians and advanced practice practitioners for initial and renewal applications.
  • Collaborating physicians must be readily available at each remote practice site.
  • Collaborating physicians must certify at least annually that any approved covering physician continues to agree to serve as a covering physician and to inform the Board of the termination of a covering physician within ten days of the convering physician relationship being terminated.
  • Covering physicians must agree in writing to be readily available for collaboration, to provide medical oversight, and, if indicated, to provide direct medical intervention in the absence of the collaborating physician. The covering physician must be either a member of the same medical practice, practice group, or multidisciplinary medical team, or of the same or similar practice specialty as the collaborating physician.
Update on Temporary Approval for NP Practice
Due to updated guidelines from the Board of Medical Examiners, a temporary approval to practice will not be considered ACTIVE until upon submission of the qualified Physician’s Commencement Form; Fee to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners (ABME) have been received. The Temporary Approval will remain in effect until the collaborative practice receives full approval or denial by the ABN and/or the ABME. In other words, even though the BON approves your collaboration it is NOT fully approved until the form and money have been RECEIVED and processed by the BME.
AANP Update from Dr. Robin Lawson,
Alabama AANP Representative
The exciting new AANP commercial will debut on June 17 at the 2021 AANP National Conference during the Opening General Session. The ad features a fresh perspective on the high-quality health care nurse practitioners provide to patients year-round. Please join the members for this informative conference session and prepare to share AANP’s awesome new ad.
ABN Licensee Survey: Deadline June 25, 2021
The time has come for the 2021 ABN Licensee Survey and the BON is asking for your input. The Licensee Survey, which is conducted every two years under the Board’s Alabama Nursing Resource Center (ANRC), is intended to gauge the interests and activities of Alabama nurses. Participating allows you to have a voice, as the ABN evaluates services and develop resources to help nurses improve healthcare delivery for all Alabamians. In light of the continuing COVID-19 recovery effort, the ABN has added an additional focus on the pandemic’s impact on our licensees.
The 2021 ABN Licensee Survey takes only about two minutes to complete; it is available at and is 100% confidential. The ABN neither collects nor shares any personal data from participants. Please join in this effort to enhance the BONs understanding of practice in our state.
The deadline for participation in the 2021 ABN Licensee Survey is Friday, June 25, 2021.
2021 Officer Nominations: Deadline August 16, 2021
Serving as a leader in NPAA offers great opportunities to build professional networks with other nursing professionals and support the legislative process. Take an opportunity to get involved! The NPAA Nominating Committee has opened its 2021 Call for Nominations for the following offices:

  • President-elect: shall serve for one (1) two (2) year term. Shall remain informed of all issues, statutes, and concerns facing NPs in Alabama. The President-elect, in absence of the President, shall serve as spokesperson for NPs, call meetings, set the calendar and agenda for the meetings, and chair meetings. The President-elect shall be a co-signer of all bank accounts, chair the Bylaws committee, and take on special tasks as designated by the President.

  • VP for Membership: Shall support efforts related to membership recruitment and retention. The VP of Membership chairs the Membership Committee and may take on special tasks as designated by the President.

  • Secretary: Shall keep minutes and records, including meeting attendance, committee and officer reports, and roll of members. The Secretary shall conduct official correspondence, serve as the coordinator of calendars (in coordination with the President), and publish notice of meetings.

  • Member-at-Large: Shall be elected from the membership. The Member-at-Large is a member of the Executive Committee, attends all meetings of the Steering Committee, and may take on special tasks as designated by the President.

  • Two (2) Student Members-at-Large shall serve on the Steering Committee for a one (1) year term. Student Members-at-Large will be elected annually.

Nominations End August 16, 2021

  • All executive committee positions carry a 2-year term. Student Members At Large carry a 1 year term.
  • All nominees must be NPAA Members in good standing.
  • All current members are invited to nominate themselves and/or other members. All nominees must complete the “Nomination Form”

If you have questions, contact Denise Williams, Nominations shall be unrestricted based on consideration of age, color, creed, disability, gender, health status, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.