May 2020 Newsletter
"NPAA: Leading the Way"
14th Annual Conference
NPAA invites you to the 14th Annual Conference: “Leading the Way". We are excited about this year’s conference and would like the invite all NPs to join and support us as we strive to move the role of nurse practitioners further to practicing to the fullest extent of our education and training. 

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An important message about the COVID-19 outbreak and our event
The NPAA 14th Annual Conference is  scheduled to take place on November 13-14, 2020.  We are optimistic that the COVID-19 pandemic will be mitigated by the time of the event, but we are closely monitoring the situation, remaining vigilant, and following recommended precautionary measures, protocols and guidelines.

Your safety and wellbeing is a top priority for us. Should NPAA need to cancel the event, you will be contacted immediately.
5 Things to Remember Regarding Your Collaborative Practice

Advice from Dawn Daniel - AL BON APRN Consultant

When selecting your collaborating physician, be sure that your nurse practitioner national certification and population focus are appropriate to the physician physician’s medical specialty. For example, while an FNP in collaboration with a family practice physician may treat patients of both sexes across the lifespan, FNPs collaborating with Internal Medicine physicians cannot treat patients younger than those seen by the Internist. Similarly, FNPs with a Pediatrician are not permitted to treat patients older than those seen by the pediatrician.

We strongly encourage you to add at least one covering physician to each collaboration. Although the rules do not require this, covering physicians enable you to continue to practice when the collaborating physician is out of state/country or incapacitated by illness. You may also request a 60-day grace period to practice with your covering physician, in the event of your collaborating physician’s death.

Review My Profile on the ABN website at least annually:
  • Manage your password.
  • Update your email address and other contact information.
  • Check the status of new collaborations.
  • Verify the expiration date of your National Certification.
  • Review existing collaboration(s) for accuracy.

Ensure that you have the national certifying agency send recertification information to ABN, each time you recertify. Primary source verification is required by the rules and the certifying agencies will not send the recertification unless you specifically request it

Do not assume that you can practice, just because you have submitted an application. Prior to engaging in any practice under your collaboration, check the status of your application on My Profile. The Board will also send you a notification email when the application is approved, so be sure to check your Spam/Junk folders.
Legislative Update: Dr. Eileen Meyer, VP of Policy
SB 114 was two steps away from being finalized (the full House vote and if approved signature by Gov. Ivey) when the Legislature recessed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Upon return the only measures discussed by the Legislature were the general budget, education budget and local legislation. There is a possibility that a special session will be called by Gov. Ivey and the Policy Committee continues to work with NP champions in the Legislature to resubmit the legislation. Updates to follow.
NPAA Travel Grants
The NPAA’s purpose of the funding the travel grants program is to support NPs in their professional development, and to advance the NP profession. Applications for the application period for the NPAA Travel Grant will be November 1st until September 1st.

Grants are available to NPAA members in good standing and who are practicing in an NP role. Applicants must be CRNP's or graduate NP students expected graduate during the grant year of funding. Students must submit verification of enrollment in an NP program to be eligible for consideration. Applicants may receive up to $250 in funding and must complete travel within one year of the award.