November 2021 Newsletter
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Welcome from NPAA President,
Joyce Loyd-Davis
Dear Members,

I am extremely proud to serve as the president of this organization and to lead such an esteemed group of skilled practitioners.  We had an awesome conference this month, filled with a wealth of information.  Thank you for attending the conference and supporting our organization. 

The exchange of information was important, as we continue to maneuver through the global pandemic. These unprecedented times have given new viewpoints on health care in our country. The pandemic has magnified the importance of Nurse Practitioners and other Advanced Practitioners. We have worked together like never before to achieve the ultimate goal of quality care. Many of you have cared for dying patients and in those moments, there is no division of color, status or gender — just the need to comfort and help those individuals to the best of our ability. In the face of these trying times, we had the opportunity to examine ourselves as healthcare providers and assess our impact on those who desperately need our services. It is my assessment and irrefutable conclusion that Nurse Practitioners are essential; we make a real and tangible difference in our communities. 

Now is the time to recruit members and become actively involved in our organization. There is strength in numbers.  As we continue the good works of this organization, let’s endeavor to have a statewide impact on our ability to serve the citizens of Alabama. 

I look forward to working with each of you and I welcome the possibilities to advocate and expand the level of care we provide in the State of Alabama. Together, we make the difference every day!
Joyce Loyd-Davis, DNP, FNP-BC, MSN, MSM
President NPAA