July 27, 2020

Tuesday July 28, 2020

9AM/PT - Idaho PHD Situational Awareness
Meeting ID:  281 738 343
Meeting Password: COVID19 (2684319 from phones)

10AM/PT - NPAIHB COVID-19 Update
Join Zoom Meeting:

11AM/PT - HHS ASPR Use of Telemedicine in Alternate Care Sites

11AM/PT - CDC COVID-19 and Diabetes: The Importance of Prevention, Management, and Support

12PM/PT - Oregon LPHA and Tribes COVID-19 Calls
Dial:   1-888-278-0296
Code: 6585758#

12PM/PT -NIHB Webinar: Strengthening COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Capacity Using the PHAB Framework

Wednesday July 29, 2020

10AM/PT - NIHB Infection Control and Prevention Listening Session
11AM/PT - HHS Telehealth for Community-Based Organizations

12PM/PT - CDC COVID-19 Response: Promising Practices in Health Equity II
Dial-in: 1-669-254-5252 or 1-646-828-7666
Webinar ID: 161 536 7357

2PM/PT - Oregon Epi/CD COVID-19
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 484 577 043

2PM/PT - CMS COVID-19 Office Hours
Dial-in:  833-614-0820
Access Code: 1492795
Thursday July 30, 2020

9AM/PT - IHS COVID-19 Response Webinar Series: The Necessity of Behavioral Health Integration During and Following a Pandemic

11AM/PT - Federal- Tribal Coordination Calls Northwest Region/Region 10
Dial-in:  971-256-0996
Access Code: 824358 [250 lines available]

11AM/PT - NIHB Call: Health Insurance Enrollment During COVID-19

1PM/PT - National Indian Country COVID-19 Update Call

2:30PM/PT - AIHC-Washington Tribes COVID-19 Weekly Check-In

Friday July 31, 2020

9AM/PT - Idaho PHD Situational Awareness COVID-19 Weekly Call
Meeting ID:  803 082 268
Meeting Password:  rpPhm6MMf23 (77746666 from phones)

9AM/PT - Oregon Tribes Weekly Meeting

10AM/PT - NPAIHB Idaho Tribal COVID-19 Weekly Call
Join Zoom Meeting: 

12PM/PT - ACL/National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) COVID-19 Weekly Call For Title XI Grantees
Dial-in:  800-619-6520
Access Code: 1410635

3PM/PT - Oregon Governor's Call with Tribes

For more information
  Laura Platero, Executive Director
Sarah Sullivan, Health Policy Analyst
(503) 228-4185