April 8-14, 2018
NPAW Begins in One Week!
Here's How to Celebrate.
What are your plans for National Prosthodontics Awareness Week?

ACP members across the world are getting ready to celebrate with events and activities designed to raise public awareness of the specialty of prosthodontics.

No plans yet? No problem! Read through this email for some last minute ideas and resources to help you celebrate locally, and build momentum nationally.

Click over to the brand new NPAW Toolkit and let's get started!
Share on Social Media
Tell Your Story:
Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000, you can spread awareness about prosthodontics on social media -- and with an inspiring message, friends and family will amplify your efforts. If you don't know what to write, consider posting about any of the following:
  • Why you chose to become a prosthodontist
  • A patient whose story you can't forget
  • Kinds of people who should visit a prosthodontist but might not know it
Don't hesitate to use your personal social media account to do this. Recent changes to Facebook's News Feed algorithm have led to personal pages being emphasized over business pages in terms of what the average user will see when they log in. So while your business page can and should talk about NPAW, use your personal account as well and you'll reach more people.

Share Before and After Photos: 
This is a great way to showcase the amazing work you do every day. Make sure to explain the procedure and why patients should see a prosthodontist for something similar.

Update Profile & Cover Photos:

Do you have an ACP lab coat photo? Consider making that your profile picture for NPAW. You can also change your cover photo on Facebook and Twitter to our special NPAW 2018 artwork. You can download it here.

Tag & Share:
Don't forget to use the hashtag #prosthodontics and tag the ACP so your fellow members can find and share your posts -- and share or retweet some you've enjoyed.

Contact Your Local Media
Send a Letter to the Editor: 
Newspapers typically publish Letters to the Editor in print, online or both. This is a chance for you to present your perspective on important issues facing your community, like their oral health.

Download one of the templates in the NPAW Toolkit, edit it for your area, and then send it to your local papers. Or craft a letter of your own if there is a topic you feel very strongly about. Remember to stay brief to better your chances of being printed (and not being edited).

Send a Press Release: 
In past years, ACP members have been featured on the news, in magazines, newspapers and even on the radio during NPAW. Most news outlets accept story pitches and are looking for new, timely ideas.

You can download our NPAW sample press release, and edit it for your area. Or you can create your own release and send it out! Offer to be interviewed in-studio, or in your office to better explain the transformative work you do for patients each day.

Add NPAW to Your Email Signature
You can update your email signature to help spread the NPAW message by including the NPAW logo and dates.

As Dr. Avinash Bidra says, "Adding an NPAW message in your email signature adds tremendous visibility to the NPAW message. With the plethora of emails that we all exchange with dental professionals and the public, this is an easy, inexpensive, and impactful method to spread the NPAW message."

The NPAW Toolkit has a signature image that you can download and insert into your email program of choice.

Share Articles with Your Network
You can also spread awareness by sharing select articles from the Journal of Prosthodontics with your professional network. The articles available to share for free are:
  • Rehabilitation of Edentulism and Mortality: A Systematic Review, by Drs. Avni Gupta, David A. Felton, Torsten Jemt, and Sreenivas Koka
  • Longitudinal Assessment of Denture Maintenance Needs in an Overdenture Population, by Drs. Ronald L. Ettinger and Fang Qian
  • The Clinical Practice Guidelines series is also available to share.
Check out the articles online and send one to a colleague or a referring dentist with a question to consider or an invitation to discuss.

Get ready to celebrate with the all-new NPAW Toolkit!
April 8-14, 2018
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