Dear Neighbors,

The NPC Member Election is June 6th. Several residents have reached out seeking clarification about which districts have vacancies on the NPC.

To clarify, each of Bronxville’s seven districts has at least one vacancy every year. This year, three current members are serving out terms of prior members who left the NPC or moved away; one member is moving within Bronxville. Those four members are eligible for re-election. Accordingly, nine seats are up for election this cycle across all seven districts. We do not yet have any applications for Districts 17, 18 or 21.

To apply to have your name appear on the electronically distributed ballot, please go to Write-in votes are permitted.

The election will be held June 6th via an electronic ballot distributed by email and available on our website. You must be a Bronxville Village resident to vote in the NPC Member Election, and you may only vote within your district (see map).

Member Eligibility: Any resident over the age of 18, who has lived in the Village of Bronxville for the past two years, and who is not (A) an elected official of the Village of Bronxville or an officer of a political party; (B) running for either of such offices; (C) a faculty member or employee of the school district, or a family member of a faculty member or employee of the school district.

District 16: One three-year seat*

District 17: One three-year seat; one two-year seat.

District 18: One three-year seat.

District 19: One three-year seat*

District 20: One three-year seat*

District 21: One three-year seat.

District 22: One three-year seat; one one-year seat.*

*District where a current member is eligible to run for re-election.