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NPI Certifies Patient Navigators in Guatemala
and El Salvador
Navegación de Pacientes Internacional, Inc. Training Patient Navigators since 2016
NPI Certified Patient Navigators

On June 25th, 2021, NPI completed the Patient Navigation training 2020-2021, in which 30 navigators from Guatemala and 10 from El Salvador participated.

The training was for eight months, during which navigators participated in 17 courses covering navigation, cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment, and community-based resources. Certified navigators supported a minimum of three patients for six months.

The program was supported by Verny A. Samayoa scholarship, and oncologists Sergio Ralón, Patricia Chacón, Erick Estrada, Juan Pablo Lezana, and Daniel Marroquín.

We congratulate the 23 navigators who completed the course and received their certification from NPI in conjunction with the George Washington Cancer Center (GWCC). These certified navigators also received the GWCC Patient Navigation guide in Spanish.
NPI receives for a second time the financial support of the Verny A. Samayoa grant to train navigators in Guatemala and El Salvador
NPI is once again grateful for the support of Verny A. Samayoa grant to train patient navigators in Guatemala and expand the program in El Salvador.

During the training of 2020-2021, more than 60 patients were navigated to gain access to medical appointments, resources, and accompaniment by phone due to the pandemic constraints, as part of the six months practice.

In addition, the navigators implemented a database in order manage better their activities and resources. They also work within the network of NPI to support each other.

Magnolia Contreras, Verny A. Samayoa Fellowship representative, says patient navigation is a vital role in low-income communities in Central America. We hope to continue working with NPI to expand the program to other regions.
Thank you all for your valuable participation and donations!
Patient navigation training / certification application coming soon 2021-2022!