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This letter captures the sentiment of the Puerto Rican Youth
Dear Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts,
I address you as a desperate young professional and entrepreneur worried about the future of Puerto Rico. I address you as a woman that admires your work in the public service and that wants to follow a similar path to serve as an advocate for the people.
Today June 9th, 2016 (the day I write this letter) the US House of Representatives approved the bill 5278 better known as PROMESA. I can't describe how disguised the bad taste of this bill is, but I can tell you that I will be completing a Ph.D after many years of studying just to receive $4.25 for hour. But what annoys me most is the support that the Congress is giving to this bill even though there were many violations to our Constitution.

For reference please look at this link: 

Does the Congress want to gain fame as the creators of the latest act of brutal colonialism? I know past governors from Puerto Rico were part of this crisis, but the problem here is that the solution of this crisis is at the expense of the life of approximately 3.6 million US citizens and a federal control board that will decide for them with close doors and in secret. This is worst than 1900, we are going back with colonialism but this is happening in the 21st century.   
I want to let you know that I'm deeply offended by decision of the House but I expect something different from the Senate. As you mentioned, the Executive Branch has the tools to help address Puerto Rico's fiscal crisis without the need of Congressional approval. I cannot understand how the most democratic nation can provide help for banks but not to people in crisis. As you may know, Sanders filed a bill to tackle Puerto Rico's Fiscal Economic Woes and this is the best sensible proposal that I have seen in order to make justice between big interests and Puerto Rico. The basic step should be the extension of the present moratorium and a continuation of the public debt audit commission whose preliminary findings already report a considerable amount of unconstitutional debt. The second step should be consulting with the people of Puerto Rico who they want for their own elected control board. I ask you for help because I know about your capacity and power to defend Puerto Ricans like me that work, study and demonstrate our capacity to keep moving forward progress.
I sent this letter to Mr. Fantauzzi because I met him during an internship in 2011 at the House of Representatives, where I interviewed him about how his work advocates for Puerto Rico at Washington, D.C.; the place where the Congress is deciding the future of my island. I can't publish this letter because I represent an NGO that works with children at high risk but I am sure Mr. Rafael Fantuzzi will be very diligent to deliver my message to you. I speaking to you with an open heart and tears of perseverance that make me strong because at the end I see Puerto Rican Diaspora and people in the island asking for respect to our human rights. Thanks for all the things you have done for Puerto Rico.



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