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Last month, we announced the NQC Quality Challenge. In the coming weeks, you will receive the Quality Challenge poster in the mail to get your staff involved in examining your CQM program and to link you to NQC resources pertinent to the topics on the poster. Once you have taken the Challenge, NQC encourages you to take a picture with your staff and send it in. We will post it to the Follow the Leaders section [EC1]  of the website and send you a "web badge" that you can display on the home page of your website. 
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Clemens Steinbock
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> NQC Offering |  Take the NQC QI Challenge
The National Quality Center (NQC) launches the QI Challenge, a fun Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-wide quality improvement event. It's a 10-step questionnaire covering top quality-related activities to improve HIV care. The QI Challenge will have something for everyone: recipients, providers, consumers, and HAB Project Officers. Posters with the questionnaire are being sent to your facility and are also available to be downloaded online. There will be a photo component tie-in, leaderboard, web badge for the finishers, and a dedicated #QIChallenge hash tag to talk about it. Helpful resources are provided.
If you're a recipient or provider, assemble your team and take the questionnaire challenge. If you're a Project Officer, see how many recipients you can get to step up to the challenge. Consumers-ask your physician, "What is the one thing I could be doing to improve the quality of my care?"
When competition = better patient health, don't sit on the sidelines. What are you waiting for?
Already taken the challenge? Time for your bragging rights: don't forget to submit a picture with your team with the completion poster and get a free QI IQ web badge and your photo on the QI Challenge leaderboard. #QI Challenge.  
Send in your team pictures to QIChallenge@nationalqualitycenter.org
To lean more or access the QI Challenge resources | nationalqualitycenter.org/QIChallenge
NQC Update | Impact Report on NQC-sponsored Advanced Quality Improvement Trainings 

The NQC regularly offers quality improvement trainings to build capacity within the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) community. The four advanced trainings include: Training-of-Trainers (TOT), Training of Quality Leaders (TQL), Training on Coaching Basics (TCB), and Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ). Each is designed for a specific audience-quality managers, trainers, and consumers.
Over the last year, NQC's external evaluator, JSI, Inc., worked on an impact report to highlight their findings after extensively assessing all of NQC's advanced trainings. In summary, these trainings:
  • Offer interactive face-to-face learning opportunities to promote peer learning and exchange of best practices across geographic regions and funding silos, and to jointly meet RWHAP CQM expectations;
  • Over 60% of all currently funded RWHAP recipients (353 out of 587) from 46 U.S. states and territories participated in at least one NQC advanced QI training; and
  • The majority of respondents (96%, n=905) reported that their most recent NQC training somewhat or significantly increased their knowledge and/or skills and 93% (n=827) reported that their most recent NQC training prepared them to facilitate or coach QI initiatives at their organization.
The NQC is extremely proud of the number of participants we have reached over the years and their response to these trainings.
Training-of-Trainers (TOT)
  • Seventeen (17) training sessions held between 2007 and 2015 were attended by 560 participants, with 96% (n=343)% of participants reporting that they felt ready to plan and facilitate a QI workshop after TOT completion. Graduates reported leading 520 workshops to more than 6,500 attendees.
Training of Quality Leaders (TQL)
  • Ten (10) trainings held between 2009 and 2015 were attended by 360 participants, with 96% reporting an increase in knowledge/skills. TQL participants reported an increase in their readiness to actively lead a quality effort at their organization (from 83% (n=294) to 95% (n=320)) and conduct an organizational assessment (from 76% (n=272) to 94% (n=316)) over the three day training.
Training on Coaching Basics (TCB)
  • Eight (8) trainings held since 2010 were attended by 217 participants, with 99% reporting an increase in knowledge/skills. TCB participants who agreed/strongly agreed that they were ready to coach increased from 71% (n=65) to 90% (n=74) from the first day to the completion of the third day.
Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ)
  • Ten (10) trainings held since 2012 have reached 183 participants from 15 states, with 87% reporting that they felt capable of being QI consumer champions.
To learn more and access the detailed NQC impact report | Click here
NQC Announcement | The 2016 NQC Quality Awards

Do you know of a person or organization that should be recognized for their quality-related work? Perhaps your own program has some impressive accomplishments. During the month of February, NQC will be announcing the opening of the 2016 Quality of Care Award application period.  Please watch for the Special Announcement that will be sent to you this month. 
To find out more about the Quality Award  | nationalqualitycenter.org/QualityAwards

> Feb. 2016 | Issue 91 | Vol 7 

> NQC 10-Year Anniversary
Milestones and Highlights

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Improving HIV Care.

Consumer Perspective | Terral Ewing

For Terral Ewing, consumer involvement is not enough. As a long-time volunteer within AIDS service organizations, in the past few years Terral has become a leader. About three years ago Terral was on the board of directors of the Minnkota Health Project in Moorhead, MN . When the executive director left the organization, Terral stepped in to the leadership role. Minnkota is an all-volunteer/peer organizations serving people with HIV/AIDS, their partners and families who live in the 76 counties in greater Minnesota and North Dakota. Programs include individual counseling, support groups, social activities, advocacy, food distribution, and speakers' bureau.
Terral is passionate about the provision of HIV services in rural areas and Minnkota works to deliver support services to people living with HIV who may feel isolated and stigmatized in small communities. He is also on the consumer advisory committee of Minnesota's Rural AIDS Action Network and is a long-time volunteer and current board member of Camp Benedict, a family camp for those infected and affected by HIV. The camp primarily serves families in Minnesota, offering support and education as well as activities like horseback riding and crafts.
"The camp was started 21 years ago by my dear friend Connie Statz, who as a person living with HIV felt isolated in her small town," says Terral. "It is a chance for people to come together and forget about challenges and stigma. When people arrive at camp everyone is a stranger but they leave as a family."
Unlike many of the consumers he works with, Terral has access to transportation that allows him to serve as member of the Minnesota Council for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention and on the consumer advisory board for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Program HH (Part B).
"There are still challenges in terms of how services are delivered in rural areas," says Terral. "More voices from rural areas are necessary."
Terral participated in an NQC's Training of Consumers on Quality in Minnesota this past August. It helped him hone his communication skills in terms of how to raise issues and also to define some of the terminology used in planning activities so he could better participate in discussions. But it also reinforced something Terral has observed in recent years.
"Newly diagnosed people seem less inclined to become involved in HIV organizations. But also, some long-time diagnosed people no longer want to be involved. We have support groups where newly diagnosed people show up and there is no one else there to provide their wisdom," says Terral. "People need to stay involved. Otherwise, we will have to start at the beginning and fight the same old battles."
  National TA Webinar | Consumer and Provider Shared Decision-Making in Health Care February 18th @ 3:00pm
This webinar will focus on how providers can support patient self-management. By attending this webinar you will have a better understanding of:
  • What patient self-management provides from a recipient standpoint
  • How providers can support patient self-management, patient
  • Hear examples of patient-centered care and consumer involvement and learn how providers can support People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Where to access resources on patient self-management, patient-centered care and consumer involvement
Meeting information
Topic: Consumer and ProviderShared Decision-Making in Health Care
Date: Thursday, February 18, 2016
Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)
Meeting Number: 643 112 897
Meeting Password: nqctacall123

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To learn more | nationalqualitycenter.org/tawebinar

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