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NQC is pleased to bring you key findings of our Impact Report on NQC Technical Assistance focusing on the provision of technical assistance to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients. As you will see, the technical assistance NQC provides has helped many recipients achieve their goal of increasing the effectiveness of clinical quality management programs in their organizations. NQC is honored to be able to serve the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program community and looks forward to addressing your ongoing needs.
We are happy to report that the Job Forum page of the NQC website will now be a part of our eNewsletter. This will bring more visibility to your quality management-related job posting and provide a widely-read venue for your announcement. Read our article below and learn how to take advantage of this opportunity to find the right match for your program.


Clemens Steinbock
Director, National Quality Center

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NQC Update | Impact Report on NQC Technical Assistance
The NQC's impact reports are prepared by JSI, Inc. to help us assess our performance and our accomplishments.
Technical assistance (TA) is delivered by NQC quality improvement (QI) experts to meet the specific needs of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) recipients. Available on both a short- and long-term basis, the TA is designed to:
  • Meet individualized needs of recipients
  • Promote peer learning
  • Link with existing TA services
  • Build ongoing relationships between recipients and QI experts to facilitate improvements
As of June 2014, 255 recipients have accessed TA on an ongoing basis, representing 43% of all RWHAP recipients. An additional 132 recipients received short-term TA between 2005 and 2013. Recipients reported improvements in their clinical quality management infrastructure, with many pledging to continue work in the areas in which they received TA.
Long-term TA has been provided in the areas of clinical quality management (CQM), quality management plan creation, staff engagement in QI, monitoring patient outcomes, and implementation of QI initiatives. Recipients receiving TA reported improvement in multiple domains of their organizational assessments, including senior leadership, staff engagement in QI, staff satisfaction, evaluation of HIV program, monitoring of patient outcomes and measurement of disparities. Short-term TA was provided in the areas of CQM infrastructure, evaluation of existing QM plan, linking to other recipients, CQM program assessment, and data collection.
Recipients had a very positive response to TA. Ninety-five (95) percent would recommend TA to other recipients, 89% through that TA was relevant to their needs; 84% thought the TA was realistic to their program, and 81% felt empowered by the TA.
NQC Request | NQC Webinars on Lean Six Sigma - Share your Experience 
NQC plans to host a TA webinar on how Lean Six Sigma methodology has been put into practice by RWHAP recipients. We are asking for recipients that have started to use Lean, are using Lean, or are in the early phase of Lean implementation to participate in this webinar series by presenting their stories. Presenters will speak for about 10 minutes about their activities and prepare 5 to 10 slides.  NQC would like to hold this webinar in September 2016 so we would like to know of your interest in presenting by June 15.  A call will be arranged with the individuals showing interest a week after this date. On the call, NQC will give further guidance on how to proceed.  Our goal is to have the national TA webinar on September 15, 2016 at 3:00 pm. 
Questions?  |  kevin.garrett@health.ny.gov
Please consider sharing your experience. By helping others learn you can get even more out of your own efforts to bring about change.
NQC Offering | Take Part in the Quality Challenge

Download the 11" x 17" post by clicking here

There is a common saying, "If you are not challenging yourself, you are not getting better." We can all use an occasional challenge to help us hone our skills. To this end, NQC has launched the QI Challenge, a RWHAP-wide, clinical quality improvement initiative. It's a 10-step questionnaire covering top-quality activities to improve HIV care.
The QI Challenge has something for everyone: recipients; subrecipients; consumers; and project officers. To get started, print out the QI Challenge poster with the questionnaire or request additional copies from NQC. Then, take the challenge and learn your QI IQ. The Challenge poster has a multitude of resources on the back that can assist you in improving your program. After you have taken the QI Challenge, print out the QI challenge banner on the website, assemble your team and take a photo. We want to post your team photo on the Follow the Leaders board on the website. You will also be send a web badge, and a dedicated #QIChallenge hash tag to talk about it.
For more information | nationalqualitycenter.org/qichallenge

> May 2016 | Issue 95 | Vol 6 

 Join the Leaders!  Take the QI Challenge and find out your QI IQ
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NQC Offering | New Job Forum in Newsletter

From time to time, NQC is asked to post quality management related positions by RWHAP recipients. While we set up an area on our website to accommodate these requests, it became clear over time that the best way to publicize these open positions is in our monthly eNewsletter. Starting with our June edition, RWHAP recipients are encouraged to send job postings for inclusion in the NQC eNewsletter. To submit a job posting you should:
  • Provide a short description for the newsletter describing the position
  • Provide a link on your website where a reader can learn more about the position
  • Specify the closing date to apply for the position
NQC reserves the right to edit the job description for clarity and concision.
Send your postings | info@nationalqualitycenter.org
 > Consumer Perspective | Susan Anderson
Participation in planning activities is intended to give consumers a voice in what services are provided and how they are provided. These activities can also be an opportunity to network and serve as a source of new ideas.
Susan Anderson is currently the vice chairperson of the Consumer Advisory Board at New Horizon Family Health Center in Greenville, South Carolina. New Horizon has a caseload of about 1,200 people living with HIV. She has also attended and been involved in the planning of South Carolina's annual HIV, STD, and Viral Hepatitis Conference. Through these activities she has had the opportunity to learn about what other organizations are doing, which has led to some changes at New Horizon.
"Peer navigators shared with us about the work they are doing and described how their work helps to connect people to care and help them stay in care," says Susan. "They were so open, real, and honest. That's what people need."
Based on the recommendations of the Consumer Advisory Board, New Horizons hired a person living with HIV/AIDS to help consumers access the services and to remain in care.
For Susan, her involvement in quality improvement has led to self improvement. She is working to obtain her GED and is planning to be recertified as a certified nursing assistant. She also hopes to expand her knowledge of infectious diseases and pharmacology.
"At the NQC training for consumers I learned so much but I also saw the need to further my education and increase my medical knowledge," says Susan. "I want to be able to look at the research and share accurate information with others."
While making these changes will take some effort, Susan is not afraid of the work.
"I am an overcomer," she says.
 > National TA Webinar | Evaluating Your Clinical Quality Management Program and Improvement Efforts
The quality management process can be hard for people to conceptualize. How do you make sure you are evaluating what needs to be evaluated? Where should you start? Who should be involved? This month, NQC's National TA webinar is designed to help participants evaluate their quality management efforts to ensure that they are on target.
The webinar will address:
  • What are the key evaluation questions to ask?
  • Tools and approaches to facilitate your evaluation
  • How to use evaluation results to plan future QI activities
The webinar will be interactive. Participants will look at the "big picture" as well as individual, discrete projects.
Meeting information
Topic: Evaluating Your CQM Program and Yor Improvement Efforts
Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016
Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
Meeting Number: 646 871 021
Meeting Password: nqctawebinar123

To start or join the online meeting
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Audio conference information
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2. Alternatively, you can call one of the following numbers:
Local: 1-518-549-0500, Toll Free: 1-844-633-8697
3. Follow the instructions that you hear on the phone.
Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meeting ID: 646 871 021

To add this meeting to your calendar program (for example Microsoft Outlook), click this link:

For more information | nationalqualitycenter.org/tawebinar

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