October 11, 2019
North Reading ZBA Votes to Go Forward with Appeal

I n a brief meeting Thursday evening, the North Reading Zoning Board of Appeals voted to appeal the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) denial of the town’s Safe Harbor assertion to the state’s Housing Appeals Committee (HAC). The town has 20 days from the Oct. 4 denial to file the appeal.

Because the town is in litigation, information will be limited as most official town discussions will be held in Executive Session, as is the case with all litigation involving the town. DIRC will share publicly available information with citizens, but updates may be less frequent. As of now, a ZBA hearing remains scheduled for Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. In addition, HAC hearings are expected to be public, and DIRC will keep citizens updated on the dates, times, and locations when citizens can attend.

Donations Needed to Continue DIRC Oversight
Much of DIRC's work surrounding 20 Elm over the next few months will be behind the scenes, assuring that every detail is examined during the legal wrangling. We will continue to rely on our expert legal team, which has gotten us this far. The work is important, but it is also expensive. Please consider a donation (or an additional donation if you were so generous as to give already) to help us keep up due diligence. Thank you for your support! We could not have gotten this far without your generosity!