"The Federal Communications Commission has failed to protect the public from radiofrequency emissions."
-National Resources Defense Counsel
The National Resources Defense Counsel (NRDC) submitted a must read Amicus Brief supporting our historic lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

In fact, four incredible amicus briefs were filed in support of EHT et al., v. FCC and each one eloquently describes why the FCC must revise its decades-old outdated wireless radiation limits. Each one is a treasure.

We are so thankful to NRDC, the Building Biology Institute, Attorney Joe Sandri, Dan and Catherine Kleiber, and all the public officials who took the time to share important information with the court. And we are thankful to you for your sustaining support of our mission.
We Want You to Read Their Words

  • “Overall, the NTP findings demonstrate the potential for RFR to cause cancer in humans.”

  • "The FCC stuck its head in the sand and did not even mention many of these studies of potential environmental harm in its 2019 order ... As the 5G buildout continues, Americans are forced to “live with involuntary 24/7 radiation."

Our Final Court Response is Due Monday!
The FCC says its antiquated laws protect children and that phones do not need to be tested the way they are used — touching the body. You would not believe some of the other assertions the agency made to defend its decision not to update their wireless limits.

EHT is submitting our final response to the court on MONDAY. Our brief is filed jointly with Children's Health Defense. Listen to Dr. Devra Davis offer some rebuttals to the FCC's claims.
To complete our lawsuit, EHT's staff and lawyers are working overtime. We are almost halfway to our $100,000 goal to pay for the expenses associated with filing this suit. Can you help us finish the task?
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