COVID-19 Update
As we finish Spring Break and move into the final weeks of the school year, I cannot thank our students, teachers, staff, parents, and community enough.  I appreciate the hard work by everyone and hope that our middle level students and families continue to stay safe and healthy.  

Middle level education is predicated on meeting the needs of the whole child.  Being able to further a student's academic ability while supporting his or her physical, social, and emotional needs is challenging. Being able to do this remotely adds another layer of complexity.  Therefore, please take a moment to review the following document entitled, NRCSD Remote Learning and Grading Policy April 2020

As Mr. Gurka stated in yesterday's email, we are anticipating Governor DeWine making an announcement in the coming days regarding the future of the school year.   While we do not know what he will tell us, if he does close schools for the remainder of the year, we have started to plan for a process to have students/parents come into the buildings to clean out lockers. We need to carefully plan for this to make sure that we have safe social distancing practices and limit the number of individuals in our school at any given time. Once we have this plan in place we will communicate it out to everyone. 

If you need support with technology, please send an  email to  or by calling 440-237-8800 and leaving a voicemail.  If you need internet access, you can use the middle school parking lot (enter drive #1 and turn immediately right, parallel with Ridge Road).  Park in one of the spaces facing the building for best reception.  You would choose the guest WiFi option and the password is bears123.  

Food Services
We will continue to offer bagged meals for families affected by the closure of schools on Monday and Thursday of each week .   Pick-up times will remain from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM on these days.  Meals can be picked-up at North Royalton High School by entering driveway #4 and pulling up to the side of the building on the left. Stop at the ramp with the yellow railing for meal pick-up (Door #26). There will be a sign to direct you to the location. Once you provide your child's name and school to the food service worker, you will receive the meals.

Parents who are interested in receiving meals should complete this  electronic form   or call 440-582-9041 for each child by 5:00 PM the day before the meal is requested.

As we move forward with the closure, please do not hesitate to  contact your child's teacher, school counselor, grade level principal, or me with any questions.
Important Notes:

Incoming 5th Grade Parente Meeting
The Incoming 5th Grade Parent Meeting scheduled for Monday, May 4 is cancelled.  I will be emailing the middle school and elementary school parents/guardians on that day with that information through a video/slideshow presentation.  

Washington D.C. Extended Field Trip 
Through continued dialogue with Nowak Tours, we were able to tentatively reschedule the 8th grade Washington D.C. extended field trip to the third full week of July (Tuesday, 7/21 - Thursday, 7/23). Please know that as we move forward with the closure, we will continue to follow the orders at the state and federal level and will make the decision to proceed with the field trip or cancel it as we move later into the spring/summer.  For the purposes of getting an accurate number of students who are still interested in attending the field trip, please take a moment to have your son or daughter complete the Google Form that was emailed to his or her NRAPPS account if he or she has not done so already.  If the form cannot be located, please feel free to email me directly.

If a student cannot/chooses not to attend the field trip, a refund  will be issued upon the completion of the field trip or its cancellation. This will allow us to know how much money we are getting back from vendors, as we will not have exact figures prior to that time.  I appreciate everyone's patience and certainly will continue to work hard to make this experience a reality for our students if it is safe and possible. 

NRMS Honor Society
Please remember that any 7th grade student interested in applying to the NRMS Honor Society should submit his or her application to Mr. Atkins at by Friday, April 24.  If you have any questions regarding the process, accessing the application, and/or submitting it, please email me.