Important Dates:

May  12-14                Andy Thibodeau Team Meetings
May 18                      NRMS PTA Meeting/CogAT - 6th Grade
May  20                     Spring Sports Recognition
May 26                      8th Grade Promotion
May 27                      Last Day of School
8th Grade Promotion
Please remind your 8th grade student to stop in the main office prior to the end of the week to pick up his or her 8th Grade Promotion Tickets from Ms. Kuchta.  We have a limited amount of extra tickets for this event.  We will follow up with all families who requested an extra ticket next week.  I have no doubt that this event will be a special way to recognize our students and their accomplishments.

Important Notes:

Andy Thibodeau
Students have watched Andy's Impact Episodes and have or will hear him speak live remotely by the end of tomorrow.  Please take a moment to ask your son or daughter about the episodes and Andy's message of "Share Your Care."  His message is simple, yet extremely meaningful.  He asks to students to show up, participate, and listen.

Spring Sports Recognition
7th and 8th grade student-athletes will be recognized virtually at our Spring Sports Recognition at 4:30 PM on Thursday, May 20.  More information will be communicated from our Track coaches. 

OHYES! Survey
Students in grade 7 will take the OHYES! survey during the week of May 16 in their physical education class.  Please click here for more information about that survey. 

Summer Camps & Flyer Central
Please remember to navigate to Flyer Central throughout the year to discover athletic and summer camp opportunities.  Many of the NRHS athletic teams and clubs facilitate summer camps.  Please click here to view Flyer Central.

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