NRPC Newsletter

August, 2022

Richford Hosts Streetscape Visioning Session

for Main, River and Province Streets at

New River Street Restaurant

Approximately 30 residents gathered at the Thirsty Burger on August 16 to envision streetscape improvements for Richford’s Village Center. The Town has contracted with NRPC and DuBois and King to complete a master plan for streetscape improvements, which will consider bicycle and pedestrian safety along with placemaking. Potential options for improvements will be presented to the community in the Fall. Photo Credits: DuBois and King

Watershed Project Database

Staff at NRPC recently launched an effort to increase the number of projects included in the Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC’s) statewide Watershed Project Database (WPD). This makes the projects eligible for future grants funds! The focus of the effort is to compile data relating to projects located within the Vermont portion of the Pike River watershed. As time allows, staff will also add projects in the Trout River watershed to the WPD.

The WPD is a publicly accessible platform that shows projects in various stages of development together in one place. Many projects in the database will need to be implemented as part of efforts to meet goals contained in Lake Champlain’s Phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Load, or TMDL. Projects in the WPD also can be searched using the Clean Water Project Explorer, a sophisticated mapping tool.

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Grants Available to Fund Bylaw Updates for Housing

FY22 Bylaw Modernizations grants have been announced with applications due November 1, 2022. The Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has up to $650,000 to grant to municipalities for land use, development, and zoning bylaw updates in support of a pedestrian-oriented development pattern that increase housing choice, affordability, and opportunity in areas planned in accordance with Vermont’s smart growth principles (24 V.S.A. §2791). This funding is intended to help municipalities confront the State’s housing shortage and ready areas for new housing investments.

Municipalities may submit an individual application for a maximum of $25,000 or apply with other municipalities as part of a multi-town application. For more information and application materials, please visit the ACCD website or contact Greta.

Village Wastewater Projects Receive Funding from EPA and ARPA via Clean Water State Revolving Fund

The Vermont Legislature appropriated $35 million in ARPA monies to support the construction of village wastewater systems, the allocation of which has been published in a draft Intended Use Plan (IUP) for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF).  Some of this funding has made its way to Northwest Vermont to support village wastewater systems that will allow for new businesses and housing options in village centers. The IUP is still in draft form and public comments are being accepted. There is a public meeting being held on August 30, 2022. Here are some highlights from our region:

  • Highgate is receiving $1,285,000 in Village Wastewater ARPA Funds for construction of a municipal wastewater system for their village center. Highgate has received over $150,000 in CWSRF with 100% subsidy towards feasibility and design. The wastewater system is a critical piece of infrastructure to fulfill the community’s vision for the Village Core property, which will include a new library/community center and other commercial/mixed use development. 
  • South Hero has received over $60,000 in CWSRF with 100% subsidy to conduct preliminary engineering for a village wastewater system and the IUP allocates $1,464,881 in Village Wastewater ARPA funds for construction. Wastewater solutions in South Hero’s Village’s will allow for new business and housing development in the village areas and reduced development pressure in the rural areas of town. 


Municipal Planning Grants Due

December 1, 2022

The Municipal Planning Grant (MPG) program encourages and supports planning and revitalization for local municipalities in Vermont. Awarded annually and administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, the MPG program works to strengthen Vermont by funding local planning initiatives that support statewide planning goals. This year, MPGs will be announced at the beginning of September with applications due December 1, 2022. If you have questions or would like assistance developing an application, please contact Greta Brunswick or Emily Klofft

Participate in the Vermont Extreme Heat Survey

The UVM TRC invites you to participate in a brief survey about how people in Vermont perceive and respond to extreme heat. The information you provide will help identify opportunities to reduce the health risks associated with extreme heat for all Vermonters. As a thank you, participants can enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card at the end of the survey. 

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Seeking your Feedback on Efficiency Vermont Programs

Every three years Efficiency Vermont creates a plan for rebates and services Vermont needs to help save money on energy, and lower greenhouse gas emissions in our state. This document is called the Demand Resources Plan (DRP), and it is overseen by the Public Utility Commission (PUC). 

To develop this plan, Efficiency VT want to hear from you! 


Efficiency Vermont is primarily funded by an Electric Efficiency Charge, and it supports programs that reduce Vermont’s overall electric costs for all ratepayers. We do this through programs and services like:  

  • Rebates and incentives on energy efficient products, technologies, or projects  
  • Education, advice, and technical support 
  • Training for contractors, retailers, and other trade organizations 
  • Engagement with supply chain partners (such as global manufacturers or national retailers) to ensure energy efficient products are sold in our state 

You’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of three $100 visa Gift Cards!  


Prefer to complete the survey in a different language? Translation services in our call center: 1-888-921-5990

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