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Telling Your Public Works Story
What does it mean to tell your local Public Works story? Marilee LaFond, Director of Technology Transfer Center at UNH gathered a panel of speakers to explore storytelling at their latest virtual discussion on May 19, 2021.

Why does storytelling in Public Works matter? In the past, Public Works have done their work quietly and hoped that the public was satisfied with the results. Resident’s expectations have changed today, and they want more communication about local projects. Public Works needs to explain what they do and why it is important. They need to show residents that Public Works is making progress and not “just standing around looking into a hole.” Scott Kinmond, Director of Public Works in Alton, NH, said that he needs to “answer questions about dust from gravel roads to residents new to NH every year.” He reassures residents that, “the road gets graded four times a year.”

NRRA Members: Join us for our June MOM
(Member Operations/Marketing) Meeting
June 9, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

NRRA's June MOM meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams. This meeting will feature a special presentation with Brett Rogers, Disposal Manager of Environmental Projects, Inc. to discuss Household Hazardous Waste Events as well as oil spill cleanups and catch basin cleanings. An email invite will be sent to members with the full agenda, RSVP link and joining instructions.

NRRA's "Recycling with Results" Conference Recordings are Available!
Over 185 presenters and attendees from New England and beyond participated in the Northeast Resource Recovery Association's (NRRA) virtual "Recycling with Results" Conference on May 10-11, 2021.  The conference featured six key topics currently faced by the municipal solid waste and recycling industry. 
Day One
  • Engaging Residents with Municipal Recycling
  • Waste Reduction Strategies - Reduce, Reuse, Rot
  • Recycling Safely During COVID-19
Day Two
  • National & Local Recycling Markets and Market Specifications
  • Plastics with a Plan: Municipal Options
  • Understanding End Markets - What Happens with Your Recycling?
Upcoming Events
EBC Solid Waste Leadership Webinar:
Conference of State Solid Waste Directors
Friday, June 18, 2021 - 8:30 am to 1:00 pm EDT

This Environmental Business Council Solid Waste webinar, co-hosted by NRRA, will provide an opportunity for State Solid Waste Directors from the six New England states to give their perspectives on the most critical solid waste management issues facing their respective states and the region.

Load Request Form and Baled Commodities
Since we launched it back in August of 2020, NRRA’s Load Request Form has helped many of our members set up pickups and deliveries of their recyclables with ease and convenience. The form is easily accessible on our website, which means you can submit it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  
Members, such as Littleton, Weare, Meredith, Litchfield, Salisbury, Nottingham, Carroll, Canterbury, Marlow, Effingham, Rollinsford, Warren, Franconia, Hampton and Swanzey and more, find it very easy and convenient. Like you, many of these municipalities were hesitant to use the form at first but now they use it consistently over all other means of submitting their requests!
Why use the form as opposed to email or phone? The Load Request Form will send you a confirmation of your order for your records and notifies NRRA Logistics Staff immediately of your request so that we can quickly and easily submit your request and get your load picked up (or send you a release number) efficiently. 
Whether you need scrap metal, electronics, or tires picked up or you need your freon units extracted, or even if you have baled material and would like to have NRRA find the best possible marketing option for it, you can use the Load Request form for all of these requests and more.
Pricing for baled recycled materials is at an all-time-high and because of this, many of our baled material vendors are asking for pictures of the material that they are bidding on.  Because of this we’ve added a feature to the form that requires you to upload a picture of your baled materials when the “baled” option is selected. This feature is very easy to use and providing pictures helps our vendors give our members the best possible pricing for items such as baled cardboard, plastics, and steel cans.
Give it a try instead of emailing or calling the next time you need a pickup; we are sure you will love it!
Information Sheet Spotlight
Call2Recycle: Battery Recycling
According to their website, "Call2Recycle offers convenient options for responsibly recycling your old batteries. Whether you only have a few batteries or generate larger quantities, need a one-time option or ongoing solution, Call2Recycle has you covered."

Information Sheets are a collection of valuable company suggestions for transfer station equipment/products and services, as well as instructions to commonly asked questions related to recycling - all sorted by topic. They can be found in the Resource Library on our website!

NRRA's Glass Recycling Story Map
Learn about how over 100 municipalities in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts are recycling glass for their over 500,000 residents in partnership with the Northeast Resource Recovery Association.  This interactive story map includes photos, videos, and maps. Explore the maps to see which municipalities participate and where the nearest glass recycling site is to your community. A new video in the story map explains how glass is crushed into processed glass aggregate and provides examples of how the product can be used locally by municipal public works departments and contractors. Check out the map on our website!

The May NRRA Pricing Guide is Now Available
Our website has a section that houses the NRRA Monthly Pricing Guide as well as many other pricing lists. These pricing lists are only accessible to NRRA Municipal Voting Members. If you are an NRRA Municipal Voting Member and want access to this part of the website, simply visit the site to create your new username and password.

The June Pricing guide should become available next week, be sure to check our website for updates.

  • NRRA MOM Meeting (virtual) - June 9, 2021 at 9 AM - 10:30 AM
  • July 4th Holiday - NRRA Office Closed
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