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Press Release: NRRA Conference Shares Municipal "Recycling with Results"
Over 185 presenters and attendees from New England and beyond participated in the Northeast Resource Recovery Association's (NRRA) virtual "Recycling with Results" Conference on May 10-11, 2021.  The conference featured six key topics currently faced by the municipal solid waste and recycling industry. 

On Day One, attendees learned about "Engaging Residents with Municipal Recycling" from three speakers who have successfully educated and engaged their residents about municipal recycling programs.  Meghan Theriault, P.E., Director of Public Works, Town of Gilford, NH, shared her community's use of social media and their website to engage residents.  Steve Bullek, Public Works Director, Town of Lee, NH & NRRA Board Member, provided examples of how his community shares transparent revenue and cost information with residents.  Michelle Goetsch, CEO, Betterbin and Marc Morgan, Solid Waste Manager, Lebanon, NH, discussed how Lebanon is using the Betterbin app to provide recycling and composting information to residents.

The conference recordings and presentations are now available!
Thank you to our Newest 2021 Conference Gold Sponsors
Schnitzer is a global leader in the collection, processing, and sale of the world's most recycled product: steel. Through our integrated operating platform, we process scrap metal and we manufacture finished steel products from our own scrap metal. Properly handled, scrap metal is a continuous and valuable resource that can be re-melted and reshaped into new products countless times while providing significant economic and environmental benefits as compared to virgin materials. We recycle metals ranging from iron and steel to aluminum, copper, lead, stainless steel and zinc. Schnitzer provides the complete cycle of reuse across our company.
WIN Waste Innovations is a waste management company committed to delivering essential waste management solutions to customers and communities supported by our team of 1,900 employees. We believe in preserving our environment for future generations while providing for today’s needs. WIN Waste Innovations is a vertically integrated business with a platform of 50 strategically located collection, transfer and disposal assets. These include waste-to-energy facilities, transfer stations, ash monofills, landfills, and fleets of rail cars and collection vehicles. We process more than 11 million tons of waste annually, converting 6.7 million tons of waste into clean, renewable energy that powers 340,000 homes. We recycle more than 234,000 tons of plastic, paper and metals from the waste stream.
Resource Recycling: What's Driving the 3 - 7 Plastic Market?
The following article is by Colin Staub, reporter at Resource Recycling. This article was first published by Resource Recycling and is available on the Resource Recycling website. To learn more about NRRA's new program for 3-7 plastics, contact Bonnie Bethune. Check out the recordings and presentations from NRRA's "Recycling with Results" conference.
The mixed-plastics processing sector is seeing supply challenges from product labeling changes and could be significantly disrupted by chemical recycling initiatives, according to one plastics processor.

During a recent virtual event held by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), Eadaoin Quinn, director of business development and procurement at EFS-plastics, described factors impacting the mixed-plastics industry.

EFS-plastics is a reclaimer with locations in Hazleton, Pa. and Listowel, Ontario that processes mixed-plastic bales and is a significant player in the North American reclamation landscape.

Resource Recycling: How Northeast facilities have adjusted to COVID-19
By Colin Staub, reporter at Resource Recycling. This article was first published by Resource Recycling and is available on the Resource Recycling website.  Check out NRRA's recording of the entire conference

During a recent virtual panel, the Northeast Resource Recovery Association reported that many recycling facilities are operating at 100% again, after pandemic disruptions. Additionally, a disease expert offered current guidance on preventing spread in facilities.

NRRA, a nonprofit organization that helps municipalities market their recyclables in the Northeast U.S., held its annual recycling conference as a virtual event last week. During a session titled “Recycling Safely During COVID-19,” two speakers discussed the ongoing impact the pandemic has had on the recycling sector, as well as how far the industry has come in terms of adjusting to pandemic realities.

Salisbury/Sharon Transfer Station Launches Composting Pilot
The Salisbury/Sharon CT Transfer Station, managed by Brian Bartram, Transfer Station Manager and NRRA Board of Trustees member, recently launched a food scrap composting pilot program on the 1st of May. This program will now allow up to 120 households in Salisbury/Sharon to sign up for the food scrap composting pilot, with 115 households currently signed up. This pilot program will be for a length of 5 months.

These food scraps will be brought to Curbside Compost in Ridgefield, CT and turned into compost. This includes hard to compost items such as meat and dairy; and don’t forget your napkins, paper towels, & newspaper (these are great to make the compost, compost)! Residents simply collect their scraps in a compostable bag and bring them to the brown totes at the Salisbury/Sharon transfer station.

NH Solid Waste Legislation Update - 2021 Session
The New Hampshire Legislature has begun its 2021 session, and NRRA has prepared a list of bills related to solid waste and recycling. NRRA will periodically provide updates regarding these bills and encourages members to testify on bills relevant to their work. NRRA may testify for some bills to educate lawmakers, but NRRA does not take a position on proposed legislation.   Last updated May 12, 2021.

Legislative Process
State Senators and State Representatives first file what are known as Legislative Service Requests (“LSRs”). An LSR is a simple proposal for a bill submitted by a member of the incoming Legislature that is later drafted into a detailed bill. Then bills are assigned to committees in the House or Senate, depending on which chamber the bill originated in. Next, bills are scheduled for hearings, where members of the public may testify in support or opposition to bills remotely or in writing. The nonprofit New Futures provides a helpful description of the full process of how a bill becomes a law. 

Upcoming Events
Lithium Battery Webinar Series: Recycling & Fire Prevention at Waste Hauler, Storage, & Processing Facilities
Safely managing used lithium batteries has become a significant challenge for the waste industry. NERC & NEWMOA are jointly offering a free two-part webinar series to help participants understand the different battery types, their uses, recycling opportunities, and safe handling & management at end-of-life. The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) New England Chapters, MassRecycle, & the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) have partnered with NEWMOA & NERC to plan these webinars. Part 1 was held on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021.
Tuesday, May 25, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Webinar: Examples of Actions by Waste Haulers & Storage & Processing Facilities to Reduce the Risk of Fires Associated with Lithium Batteries
Understanding Recycling Markets & Practical Tips

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
9:00 am to 12:00 pm EDT

Join Reagan Bissonnette and Bonnie Bethune of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association for a NHDES sponsored workshop on understanding recycling markets and practical recycling tips for municipalities. The first part of the workshop will cover why recycling matters, material specifications and markets for recyclables, and common end markets for recyclables. The second part of the workshop will cover practical recycling tips, such as creative storage options for recyclables at municipal facilities, baling versus loose recyclables, and answering resident questions. Attendees will learn specific examples of how municipalities in New Hampshire implement these recycling tips. The workshop will also include small group discussion sessions where attendees will have an opportunity to share information with one another.

The May NRRA Pricing Guide is Now Available
Our website has a section that houses the NRRA Monthly Pricing Guide as well as many other pricing lists. These pricing lists are only accessible to NRRA Municipal Voting Members. If you are an NRRA Municipal Voting Member and want access to this part of the website, simply visit the site to create your new username and password.

  • Memorial Day - May 31, 2021 - NRRA Office Closed.
  • NRRA MOM Meeting (virtual) - June 9, 2021 at 9 AM - 10:30 AM
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