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Walpole's Facility Tour at September MOM Meeting
NRRA’s September Member Operations Marketing (MOM) meeting was held on a beautiful sunny morning at Walpole, NH’s Recycling Center and Transfer Station. The highlight of the meeting was a tour of Walpole’s new Reuse Center and other facility improvements led by Ben Hoy, Recycling Manager. The facility is known to have a hearty supply of volunteers to assist with its programs along with knowledgeable staff consisting of Patty Whitcomb, Shaena Hakey, and Tom Donovan. 

The MOM meeting was held on a paved work area behind the facility, which is used to help with loading storage containers of baled recyclables. A concrete pad expansion was added for the municipal solid waste compactors to help in packing out compactors and switching them out when they are full.

VIDEO: Recycling Plastics at the Walpole Recycling Center
Walpole's Recycling Manager, Ben Hoy, created the video below to educate residents about what happens after their cardboard and plastics are dropped off.
Mark your Calendar!
Our Next Member Operations Marketing (MOM) Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 13th at the Henniker, NH Transfer Station. We hope you'll consider joining us!
NRRA's 2021 Annual Meeting (Virtual)
Guest Speaker Announcement
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EDT

Save the Date for NRRA's Annual Meeting, which will be held remotely this year as a free event for NRRA members. In addition to the NRRA Annual Recycling Awards, Organization updates and voting matters, the meeting will feature a special presentation about Recycling Markets by Chaz Miller, CEO Chaz Miller Associates and former Director, National Waste & Recycling Association. The full agenda will be available soon.

Though there is no fee for our Annual Meeting, we do ask that you complete the brief RSVP form and include any questions you may have for our guest speaker on that form. RSVPs should be received by November 1, 2021.

NRRA Welcomed to Bow Memorial School for Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD)
It was a beautiful day in New England and the sixth graders were curious about the waste audit on their playground. Heather Herring, Member Services Representative at the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), was welcomed onto Bow Memorial School grounds by Principal Adam Osburn to hold NRRA’s first Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD) since the pandemic began. Bow, NH High School Senior, Jessica Chamberlin, contacted NRRA with the idea to coordinate a TOLD to fulfill her senior project on waste and human impact. Funding was provided by New Hampshire the Beautiful and the Bow Parent Teacher Association.

A Memo From NRRA's Finance Team
As a reminder, NRRA is in the midst of a database upgrade. Like most transitions of this type, we’ve had some glitches to work through. We are a good way through the transition and expect it to be fully functional soon. Accurate accounting is our top priority, but you may experience some slight delays with receiving checks and invoices while we complete the switchover so we appreciate your patience and understanding. Also, you will likely notice that invoices will look a bit different than they have in the past. They will include all of the same information, but they will have a new look to them. Payments will also look a bit different. Checks will be accompanied with a credit memo which will outline all of the details regarding the payment.

This system upgrade will ultimately allow us to provide more efficient services to our members, but we recognize there will be some inconvenience in the interim. Feel free to contact a finance team member if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work to improve our services.
NRRA in the News
Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Executive Director, was interviewed in a recent InDepth NH article about recycling markets and recent solid waste legislation in NH. “Recycling markets, recycling pricing is thriving right now, in part because of the pandemic and in part, independent of the pandemic,” Bissonnette reports. The article also features Marc Morgan of Lebanon, NH, an NRRA member community. 

NRRA Members: Join NRRA's Listserv
Have you joined our email listserv yet? The listserv is a way for members to send an email to one email address and reach all of the NRRA members in the listserv group. All voting municipal members of NRRA are invited to join.
Here are some examples of popular discussion topics previously shared on the NRRA listserv:

  • Sharing wage information and hours for transfer station staff
  • Charges for demo/bulk material and how members handle private contractors
  • Status of swap shops re-opening
  • Systems for collecting fees, such as cash, check, credit cards, and online invoicing 
  • No picking policies 
  • Brush grinding and whether members own or rent a grinder or hire someone

The September NRRA Pricing Guide is Now Available
Our website has a section that houses the NRRA Monthly Pricing Guide as well as many other pricing lists. These pricing lists are only accessible to NRRA Municipal Voting Members. If you are an NRRA Municipal Voting Member and want access to this part of the website, simply visit the site to create your new username and password.

September Fiber pricing is on the rise once again! Move it if you have it! As one of our NRRA Vendors says, ….recovered paper pricing remains hot and competitive. The biggest issues are usually dealing with logistics and the unfortunate aftermath of storms
like Ida and others have thrown a monkey wrench into all the best laid plans of us all. Other than those issues, we are enjoying the strongest sustained markets in a long time.”
Upcoming Events
EBC Solid Waste Management Webinar:
Big Battles in The World of Recycling
Thursday, September 23, 2021; 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST
This EBC Solid Waste Management webinar will shed light on the economic, social, and technical tensions in the world of recycling.  How has the recycling infrastructure responded to market demand since China’s National Sword Policy? Everyone focuses on diversion, but what is the full diversion potential in the waste that remains? When not all plastic can “close the loop”, are pyrolysis and gasification the answer to making this material useful again?

NRRA members are eligible for a discounted registration price!
EBC Solid Waste Management Webinar: Organics Management in the Northeast - Moving Into the Mainstream
This EBC Solid Waste program, Organics Management in the Northeast: Moving into the Mainstream, will provide an industry overview of Composting and Anaerobic Digestion facility development. This program features perspectives from industry experts on organics management technologies and why managing food waste to highest beneficial use and building markets for recycled organics is important to our region. A robust panel discussion with the audience will conclude the webinar.

NRRA members are eligible for a discounted registration price!
New Hampshire the Beautiful:
Grants for NH Schools
New Hampshire the Beautiful has generously agreed to provide funding towards school programs offered by NRRA. School grants are available for a limited time. The NH the Beautiful Board will review each application request and award funds based on the availability of funding. The school contact listed on the application will be notified of the board's decision in writing within 7-10 days of the Board's vote. For a school to qualify, the following must apply:

  • School must be located in NH
  • School must be located in an NRRA member town or waste management district. Unsure if your school is part of an NRRA member town? Email nhtb@nrrarecycles.org or call (603) 736-4401.

NH the Beautiful is currently offering grants to fund 75% to 100% of NRRA School Club programs. Complete your application today!

New Hampshire the Beautiful:
Engaging Residents Best Practices Contest
Deadline: September 30, 2021
Is your municipality doing something fun or innovative to engage its residents in recycling?

Register Your Town's Transfer Station/Recycling Center for a Chance to Win up to $3,000

Traveling across the state awarding grants has given NHtB Board members a unique opportunity to see New Hampshire municipal transfer stations in action. It has become quite clear that New Hampshire transfer station operators are some of the most dedicated and creative individuals in the recycling industry. NH transfer station operators serve their residents by designing and operating their facilities in a way that works best for their individual community. No two towns are alike. In many ways, no two transfer stations are alike. As towns differ, so does the way each town handles their solid waste and their recyclables.

To be successful, transfer stations must recognize that their resident’s participation in the recycling process is critical. In much the same way that operators run their facilities for maximum efficiency, many have sought out creative means to get their residents to recycle more.

*All entries must be accompanied by a summary of your town's recycling program or initiative (visit the NHtB website for further details)

  • September 22, 2021 - NRRA Office Closes at 1PM
  • October 11, 2021 - Columbus Day, NRRA Office Closed
  • October 13, 2021 - NRRA MOM Meeting at Henniker Transfer Station at 9 AM
  • November 10, 2021 - NRRA's 2021 Annual Meeting (Virtual)
  • November 11, 2021 - Veteran's Day- NRRA Office Closed. Thank you to all Military Veterans!
  • November 25 & 26, 2021 - Thanksgiving Holiday - NRRA Office Closed
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