Full of Scrap Newsletter- December 02, 2020
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Will You Help Us Keep Recycling Strong?
Did you know that the Northeast Resource Recovery Association is one of only a handful of nonprofits in the entire country that offers a recyclables marketing cooperative model? 

This means that we directly connect sellers of recyclable commodities to purchasers of those commodities. Last year, we returned over $1.8 million to our members from the sale of their recyclables and enabled our members to recycle enough material to remove the equivalent of 22,393 passenger cars from the road for an entire year. Read More
NRRA Speaks and Exhibits at NH Municipal Association's Virtual Conference
NRRA participated in the NH Municipal Association's virtual conference on "Resilience" from November 18 to 20 with NRRA staff both presenting and staffing a virtual exhibitor booth.  
NRRA Executive Director Reagan Bissonnette and Member Services Manager Bonnie Bethune presented "Recycling in NH: Keeping it Financially Sustainable and Safe."  They were joined by nearly 50 attendees to discuss the economics of the current recycling markets and impacts from COVID-19. Attendees learned how to make their recycling operations more financially sustainable and discussed concrete steps municipalities can take to continue recycling safely during the pandemic.
NRRA Information Sheets
We’ve added a new section to our resource library on our website! Information Sheets are a collection of valuable company recommendations for products and services, as well as instructions to commonly asked questions related to recycling - all sorted by topic.

Do you need to be pointed in the right direction to recycle clothing? Take a look at the information sheet on Textile Recycling. Do you need guidance on safely recycling a microwave? Is your organization researching vendors to order recycling bins from? Scroll through the information sheets in our library that we’ve added so far, or perform a search using keywords.

Granite Geek: Recycling Reimagined
"Towns like mine, suddenly faced with high piles of busted glass that they could no longer sell or use, gave up and told us to toss it with our trash, sending it to landfills just like the bad old days....Then a month or two ago, my town began accepting bottles and jars again at our transfer station.

Why? You can thank the NRRA."

Why Aren't You Using the NRRA Load Request Form?
Since we launched it back in August of 2020, NRRA’s Load Request Form has helped many of our members set up pickups and/or deliveries of their recyclables with ease and convenience. The form is easily accessible on our website which means you can submit it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  
Most members, like Littleton, Weare, Meredith, Franconia, Hampton & Swanzey to name a few, find it so convenient, they use it consistently over all other means of submitting their requests. 

Why use the form as opposed to email or phone?  The Load Request Form will send you a confirmation of your order for your records and notifies NRRA Logistics Staff immediately of your request so that we can quickly and easily submit your request and get your load picked up (or send you a release number) efficiently. 

Whether you need scrap metal, electronics, or tires picked up or you need your freon units extracted, or even if you have baled material and would like to have NRRA find the best possible marketing option for it, you can use the Load Request form for all of these requests and more.

Give it a try instead of emailing or calling the next time you need a pickup; we are sure you will love it!

Member Operations Marketing (M.O.M) Meeting
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Keep warm indoors and join us virtually for December's MOM meeting.

Specific details for access to the meeting were sent to members. Please RSVP in advance to help us with roll call whether you plan to attend by calling in or joining online through Microsoft Teams! 
NRRA Releases Glass Recycling Story Map & Video
The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) has released an ArcGIS story map and video that provide a transparent look at glass recycling. At a time when depressed recycling markets have many people wondering what happens with their recyclables, NRRA recognizes its 100 member communities in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts that are successfully recycling glass for over half a million residents.

The interactive story map includes photos and videos that show the one hundred participating communities and seven consolidation sites where glass is delivered.

Date Change! Virtual Tour of ecomaine's Facilities
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Save the date for a private virtual tour of ecomaine's material recovery facility and waste-to-energy facility. As we are unable to hold our popular Fall Bus Tour in 2020 due to the pandemic, we are pleased to offer this virtual tour in lieu of our February Member Operations Marketing Meeting.

This live tour will provide municipal members with a behind-the-scenes look at ecomaine's operations at their facilities in Portland, Maine.

NRRA Summer Webinar Recording Spotlight: Optimizing Our Recycling Education & Outreach Efforts
Want to be a recycling hero in your community? Learn simple tips & tricks for optimizing your recycling education and outreach efforts in this recorded webinar. With the average attention span just 8 seconds, reaching residents, customers, and students with important recycling information is challenging. Most people believe they know how to recycle, yet our recycling contamination rates demonstrate otherwise. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection will share best practices from their statewide recycling initiative, Recycle Smart MA. With over 20,000 engaged followers on social media and hundreds of partner organizations, Recycle Smart MA has tried and tested strategies that will help you break through the noise and get the word out about Smart Recycling practices.

NRRA recently announced that Eighteen presentations that would have been available at our annual conference are ready to be watched and are available to all and that NRRA Members can watch them for FREE.

New Hampshire solid waste operators will receive one hour of continuing education credit for each webinar for participating.

The November NRRA Pricing Guide is Now Available

Our website has a section that houses the NRRA Monthly Pricing Guide as well as many other pricing lists. These pricing lists are only accessible to NRRA Municipal Voting Members. If you are an NRRA Municipal Voting Member and want access to this part of the website, simply visit the site to create your new username and password.

December Pricing is not yet fully available. Please be sure to check our website for updates as it should be released next week.

With Coronavirus Cases on the Rise Again, Check out our Webinar: Best Management Practices for Recycling Facilities During COV ID-19
Recorded April 15, 2020 - Reagan Bissonnette, NRRA Executive Director, and Bonnie Bethune, NRRA Member Services Manager, were joined by Dr. Ben Locwin, expert on infectious disease epidemiology, to discuss COVID-19 best management practices for recycling facilities. Dr. Locwin addressed questions from live participants. Over 300 people participated in this very informative webinar, and more than 250 watched the recording afterwards! 


  • MOM Meeting- December 09, 2020; 9:00AM-10:30AM
  • NRRA CLOSED- Christmas Day, December 25, 2020
  • NRRA CLOSED- New Year's Day, January 1, 2021
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