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Happy Holidays from the staff of NRTRC
During our Nov. 25 office hours, co-hosted by Comagine Health, telehealth professionals offer suggestions to decrease virtual burnout.
Employers can combat burnout in four ways:
  • Encourage employees to use paid time off. Encourage stepping away from the computer for a walk, and encourage regular business hours.
  • Try to avoid online meetings during lunch.
  • Use instant messaging instead of email. Email subject lines can be used to ask questions, but add "EOM" (end of message), so the recipient knows not to open the email.
  • Encourage gratitude meditations.
Register: Upcoming course from the University of Utah on resiliency during COVID-19.
Achieving balance in these dimensions can strengthen resilience and mitigate burnout.
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As we wrap-up 2020, NRTRC wants to share a success story of gratitude from one of our regional partners.

The NRTRC has been an invaluable partner to the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative in 2020. In addition to offering support and resources to telehealth practitioners across Washington the NRTRC stepped in and offered their resources to support a state-mandated telehealth training for Washington health professionals. While the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative had the expertise to develop the training content, they did not have the infrastructure to make the training available to health professionals across the state as mandated. When the NRTRC learned of the challenges facing the Collaborative, they generously offered a partnership to help create a training that would meet the stipulations outlined in the bill.

The NRTRC and Washington State Telehealth Collaborative plan to continue working together as partners to support telehealth growth and sustainability in Washington and the Northwest into the future.

Much Gratitude,                                                          
The Washington State Telehealth Collaborative
Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center
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