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Attracting Visitors: Building Byway Itineraries

October 19, 2016
1 pm EDT

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Attracting Visitors: Building Byway Itineraries

The towns and attractions along a scenic byway or heritage highway are the building blocks for wonderful experiences, but how can you make sure that visitors know all of their options? 
You could just give them a "laundry list" of everything along the byway, but it's much more effective to build at least a few custom itineraries. 
Families with young children may want to see different things than what would excite a history and culture enthusiast, or a nature lover. Byway itineraries play a special role for international visitors, too, as they make travel plans to try to see the best of what our country can offer. 
This NSBF (National Scenic Byway Foundation) webinar will show you how to create compelling byway itineraries, ensure that visitors can find them, and help you see how your itineraries fit into international marketing opportunities like the annual IPW conference and the "Come Closer to America" marketing website.
Join us on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 1 p.m. Eastern/12 noon Central/11 a.m. Mountain/10 a.m. Pacific as we hear from Talia Salem, Manager, Web & Content for Brand USA (the nation's public-private partnership dedicated to increasing international visitation to the United States,) and Stacy A. Brown, NSBF Board Director and President, Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau in Louisiana.

Talia                                                   Stacy
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