Limited Submission 11/03/2020
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NSF Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) - NSF 21-510

The DMR Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials Research (PREM) program aims to enable, build, and grow partnerships between minority-serving institutions and DMR-supported centers and/or facilities to increase recruitment, retention and degree attainment (which defines the PREM pathway) by members of those groups most underrepresented in materials research, and at the same time support excellent research and education endeavors that strengthen such partnerships.

Successful PREMs are expected to:
  • Engage in compelling scientific materials research: research thrust(s) must have a well-integrated research program with compelling intellectual merit.
  • Each thrust must demonstrate clear benefits from a collaborative approach, which in turn defines the research and education partnership.
  • Promote increased diversity in the PREM pathway covering all or a segment of the recruitment/retention/degree-attaining sequence through opportunities in science learning and training. These opportunities are the result of applying the elements from the PREM framework in the PREM pathway. Challenges and progress throughout the stages of recruitment, retention, and degree attainment are addressed, as appropriate.
  • Propose either existing or newly designed elements in the framework that will successfully promote inclusiveness and research excellence by increasing both diversity efforts and research output in materials research at both partnering institutions. The proposed elements must clearly define purpose, challenges, and expected outcomes towards increasing diversity and research output.
  • Provide metrics: PREM partners propose specific metrics with which the partnership will be evaluated. The metrics will emphasize increase in both diversity as well as research quality and quantity measured relative to the beginning of the award in each partnership. Successful PREMs can be developed regardless of differences in starting research and capacity levels at the lead institution.
  • Specify gains: Each partner must specify anticipated gains both in increased diversity and research output. Using the metrics identified in the proposal, gains will be evaluated and assessed within the context of the segment in the PREM pathway that a specific partnership is targeting.
  • Establish reciprocity: Reciprocal faculty and student exchanges are a core component of the partnership.
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Limited Submission
UNLV is limited to ONE application.
OSP Required Notice of Intent Due: 11/17/2020 12:00pm
Submit NOI via the Limited Submission Portal
No late submissions will be considered. Information needed: PI information, project title, one page abstract and three potential internal reviewer names

Sponsor Proposal Due: 02/05/2021
47.049 - Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Award Amount: $1,800,000 - $4,200,000 ($300,000 - $700,000 per year)
Period of Performance: Up to 6 years.
Cost Sharing: Not allowed.
MSI Institution: The proposal must be submitted by a minority-serving college or university. UNLV is a MSI.
DMR-Supported Center: Each PREM proposal must be submitted in partnership with one or more DMR-supported centers and/or facilities.
Award Type: Continuing Grant. A continuing grant is a type of grant in which NSF agrees to provide a specific level of support for an initial specified period of time, usually a year, with a statement of intent to provide additional support of the project for additional periods, provided funds are available and the results achieved warrant further support.

Notice of Intent
At least two weeks will be given to submit a NOI (abstract/summary 1 pg max).

If NOIs received exceeds maximum number of proposals permitted, at least two weeks will be given to submit a pre-proposal (project narrative 4 pg max and budget amount overview).

Internal Review
A review committee of peers is established and will have at least two weeks to review submitted pre-proposals. The committee recommends which proposal(s) best meet sponsor's criteria and which best align with the mission of the department, college, and university.
Althea Sheets, Communications Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs,, 702-895-1880