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— August 2022 —

Landscape photo in Oklahoma by Mike Trimble

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The NSGLC is pleased to offer the July 2022 issue of Ocean and Coastal Case Alert. This month’s edition includes coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia v. EPA, a case impacting how the agency may regulate greenhouse gasses. Catch up on this case and more.

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The SandBar - July 2022

The SandBar 21:3 is available. The SandBar is a quarterly publication reporting on legal issues affecting the U.S. oceans and coasts. Articles in this issue include:

  • NPDES Permit Issued for Aquaculture Facility in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Court Rejects Basis of Ute Tribe’s Water Theft Claim
  • Indiana’s Lake Michigan Shoreline Dispute Moves to Federal Court
  • NOAA Fisheries Developing Equity and Environmental Justice Strategy
  • California Court Says Bees Fall Under Definition of Fish
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Check out a blog post by SGLDIP intern, Zachary Evans: 

Supreme Court Clarifies Scope of Landmark McGirt Ruling. 

NSGLC Presents!

NSGLC Webinar Series: This summer, the NSGLC hosted four student interns who conducted research on an array of topics, including flooding mitigation, coastal resilience, tribal water rights, fisheries, Rights of Nature, and lead in drinking water. Two of the students participated in collaborative programs: the Sea Grant Law Diversity Internship Program, in which the NSGLC has partnered with the Virginia Coastal Policy Center, and Sea Grant’s Community Engaged Internship. On July 21st, the students discussed their internship experiences and presented findings from their research projects.

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Stephanie Otts, Director of the NSGLC

NSGLC Director Stephanie Otts gave two presentations at the National Working Waterfronts Conference in Boston in July. One presentation focused on the Law Center’s legal extension during the COVID-19 pandemic. The other presentation was part of a panel the NSGLC organized on direct seafood sales and discussed our ongoing effort to conduct a comparative analysis of state approaches to regulating direct seafood sales.

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