April 22, 2019
NSR Updates
Important Announcement
The National Swine Registry, Certified Pedigree Swine, American Berkshire Association and other agencies confirmed logistics for the live hog show that will be held June 2-8, 2019.This event will be held in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and will be called The Exposition. This year experienced another set of record-breaking entries. If you have questions about entries for The Exposition, please contact the NSR office. We look forward to having a wonderful week at The Exposition with our membership. To stay informed, please visit nationalswine.com and NSR social media platforms.
Upcoming Deadline
The advertising deadline for the June Issue of the Seedstock EDGE magazine is April 24. The June Issue of the Seedstock EDGE is the Youth Issue and is mailed to more than 10,000 NJSA members.
Seedstock EDGE Photography Contest
Do you have a knack for livestock photography? The 2019 Seedstock EDGE Photography Contest is now open! The winning image will be featured on the cover of the June Issue of the Seedstock EDGE magazine. The entry deadline is Friday, April 26.

Contest Criteria
  • Unlimited number of entries
  • High resolution (300 ppi) photo(s) only
  • Photo(s) must be of Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace or Yorkshire pigs
  • Individual submitting the photo(s) must have taken the photo(s)
  • No watermarked photo(s) will be allowed
  • Each entry must include the photographer's name and state
  • Email entries to Cassie Godwin, at cassie@nationalswine.com
Spring has Sprung!
It's time to breakout the shorts and t-shirts! You can shop NSR and NJSA spring styles at The Pig Place.
Evaluating Breed Composition Using Genomic Data
If you missed Dr. Doug Newcom's informational presentation, at the 2019 Annual Meeting, regarding DNA policies and procedures you can now view it online HERE.
Seedstock EDGE Media

The April/May issue of the Seedstock EDGE magazine is out. Want to subscribe for the magazine? Click HERE.
Pedigree Department

REMINDER: Provisional litter recordings must be registered via the Litter Recording Application, which can be downloaded HERE .  Online or over-the-phone litter recordings will not be accepted. 
  • A.I. Certificate requests from the boar owner will need to be emailed to the NSR office.
  • All transfers from these litters will need to be emailed to the NSR office, no over-the-phone transfers will be accepted.