July 1, 2019
NSR Updates
NJSS and STC General Information
Regularly check all NSR and NJSA social media platforms for helpful videos, updates and show coverage regarding the 2019 National Junior Summer Spectacular and Summer Type Conference. For all show results, visit nationalswine.com. To watch all NSR and NJSA shows live, visit Walton Webcasting. All ring shots from NSR and NJSA shows will be taken by Seedstock EDGE Media and can be purchased on SmugMug. Download the official NSR app The NSR Show Ring, for all the helpful information during the show.
Volunteers are needed for the 2019 NJSS
If you are willing and able to volunteer for the NJSS Skillathon Contest, on Tuesday, July 2, please contact Events and Education Intern, Justin Swanton, at 563-219-1518. We greatly appreciate the help of our volunteers!
NJSA Bred-and-Owned Division Rule Change
The new rules for the NJSA Bred-and-Owned Division will go into effect July 1, 2019 and will be enforced at the 2019 NJSS. To read to new rule changes, click HERE. To complete the Bred-and-Owned Family Certification Form, click HERE.
Crossbred Certification Program
During the National Swine Registry Executive Committee Meeting in March 2019, two innovative and exciting services were proposed and approved. Effective July 1, 2019, the NSR will offer crossbred boar DNA banking and crossbred litter recording services to its members. These services will be completely voluntary and are an opportunity to provide NSR members with increasingly high demand resources. Additionally, these services are an integral part of the NSR’s Long Range Strategic Plan. For more information on these services, click HERE .
Pork Checkoff Seeks 2019 #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces Team
The National Pork Board is seeking applicants for the 2019 student social forces team. The application deadline is Monday, July 8. The social forces team will advocate for pig farming through social media usage. Selected applicants who successfully complete all outlined milestones will be eligible for a $500 scholarship. For more information, click HERE.
NSR Staff Updates
Following her maternity leave, Emily Tepe-Kimmel has returned to the NSR full time. If you need assistance with your Duroc records, you can contact Emily. Robin will continue to assist the Pedigree Department part time.