July 29, 2019
NSR Updates
NJSA Super Semen Auction
The NJSA Super Semen Auction will be held Tuesday, August 6, on showpig.com / thepigplanet.com . Don't miss this opportunity to purchase some of the BEST showpig genetics and support NJSA members!
State Fair Pedigrees
Please contact the Pedigree Department prior to attending upcoming state fairs. In order to fulfill pedigree requests, the Pedigree Department needs the appropriate amount of time to fulfill those requests.
Crossbred Certification Program
During the National Swine Registry Executive Committee Meeting in March 2019, two innovative and exciting services were proposed and approved. Effective July 1, 2019, the NSR will offer crossbred boar DNA banking and crossbred litter recording services to its members. These services will be completely voluntary and are an opportunity to provide NSR members with increasingly high demand resources. Additionally, these services are an integral part of the NSR’s Long Range Strategic Plan . For more information on these services, click HERE .
Hampshire Provisional Pedigree Reminder
Pigs born on or before May 31, 2019 and sired by a Hampshire boar that failed the Hampshire Breed Profile Test (HBPT) have been issued a “Provisional” pedigree. These animals are eligible to be exhibited in Hampshire classes at youth or junior livestock shows. In order for an animal that is issued a “Provisional” pedigree to have full registration in the Hampshire Swine Registry and have the “Provisional” status removed, the animal must pass the HBPT.
  1. Phenotypic Breed Eligibility requirements must still be met.
  2. “Provisional” pedigrees are visually differentiated from a standard Hampshire pedigree being a different color and containing the PROVISIONAL watermark, with language stating this animal is eligible for exhibition on both the front and back of the pedigree.
  3. An animal with a “Provisional” pedigree is only eligible to exhibit in junior or youth livestock events, unless the animal is tested and passes the HBPT.
  4. If an animal with a “Provisional” pedigree is tested and passes the HBPT, the animal is then eligible to exhibit in open livestock events.

For more information, click HERE .
National Western Stock Show Swine Draw Deadline
The application deadline for the 2020 NWSS Swine Draw is Thursday, August 1. The rate is $20 per exhibitor. The application can only be submitted online. For more information and to complete the application, click HERE .