June 17, 2019
NSR Updates
2019 Summer Type Conference and National Junior Summer Spectacular Health Regulations
Please make sure you are adhering to the most updated health regulations for the 2019 STC and NJSS. For the official health regulations, click HERE.
2019 NJSS Benefit Auction
On Thursday, June 20, the NJSA will be selling 16 lots on Showpig.com/ The Pig Planet. Sale lots feature NJSS perks including: pen placement, pass to the front of registration, pass to the front of unloading, VIP Room passes, VIP seats for Champion Drives, Seedstock EDGE Media Photo Package and more. All funds raised from this auction will be donated to the Feeding America organization.
Volunteers are needed for the 2019 NJSS
NJSA shows would not be possible without the help of volunteers. Volunteers will be needed for skillathon, livestock judging and various activities. If you are willing and able to volunteer, please contact Events and Education Intern, Justin Swanton, at jswanton@iastate.edu, or call the NSR office, at 765.463.3594.
NJSA Bred-and-Owned Division Rule Change
The new rules for the NJSA Bred-and-Owned Division will go into effect July 1, 2019 and will be enforced at the 2019 NJSS. To read to new rule changes, click HERE. To complete the Bred-and-Owned Family Certification Form, click HERE.
Lost Items from The 2019 Exposition
If you lost any items while in Des Moines, Iowa for The 2019 Exposition, please contact Lisa Kennedy, at lisa@nationalswine.com or 765.463.3594.
The Exposition Media
All NJSA Junior Show, NSR Open Show and Sale results, are HERE. All NSR and NJSA ring shots are uploaded and ready to be purchased! Photos were taken by Seedstock EDGE Media and can be purchased on SmugMug.
Pork Checkoff Seeks 2019 #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces Team
The National Pork Board is seeking applicants for the 2019 student social forces team. The application deadline is Monday, July 8. The social forces team will advocate for pig farming through social media usage. Selected applicants who successfully complete all outlined milestones will be eligible for a $500 scholarship. For more information, click HERE.
Brynn Roy joins the NSR
Brynn Roy has joined the NSR staff as the organization's Program Assistant. While Brynn attended Purdue University she interned with the NSR. Brynn brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to our team, and we are excited to now have her full time.
Clay Parrish celebrates one year with the NSR
We would like to congratulate Clay Parrish on his one-year work anniversary with the NSR. Clay serves as the Eastern Region Field Representative. We appreciate Clay for his daily contributions to our organization.