October 14, 2019
NSR Updates
Updated Information Regarding OPTIONAL Hampshire Female Testing

I n October of 2018, the Hampshire Swine Registry voted to allow breeders to test Hampshire females until January 1, 2020, with no consequences, to provide breeders with the opportunity to determine where their herds Breed Profile Testing percentages were from a research perspective. Hampshire females have not been required to be tested for registry and will not be required to be tested for registry or recording litters. Breeders still have until January 1, 2020 to submit samples (not have test results returned), with no consequence. It is highly encouraged that if breeders have not tested females and have interest in determining specific animals breed composition, samples should be submitted to NSR no later than January 1, 2020.
After January 1, 2020, breeders will still be able to test females for research purposes, however, if a female does not pass the breed profile test, it will lose its pedigree. If the female has already recorded offspring, the offspring's pedigrees will not be cancelled, however, that female will not be able to record future litters. It is important to reemphasize that females are NOT REQUIRED to be tested, and this policy only affects breeders that choose to test females.
This information does not affect any requirement to the Hampshire Sire Policy. To review the Hampshire Sire Policy, click here: https://nationalswine.com/pedigree/dna.php .
Finally, in 2020 Hampshire junior animals will only be required to pass sire parentage, HAL/Stress and Hampshire color requirements, not breed composition.
If you have questions regarding these updates please visit nationalswine.com or contact the office at 765-463-3594.
Additionally, the Hampshire Board is seeking approval from the active Hampshire Membership to approve the following By-Law Change:
13.6 Changes to Hampshire Marking, DNA Policy, Identification and Other Requirements
Any change to the eligibility requirements for registration of purebred Hampshire swine; required DNA testing procedures (breed composition percentages, testing of sires or dams, Hampshire gene color, etc.); or any definition that may define purebred Hampshire swine (collectively "Breed Eligibility Requirement"), shall require a formal vote and approval by the Board of Directors and ratification from a simple majority from the active Hampshire Swine Registry Membership . Upon the approval of a Breed Eligibility Requirement by the Board of Directors, a minimum of a 51% (simple majority) response from the active membership will be required to ratify the vote of the Board of Directors. If the active Hampshire Swine Registry Membership fails to ratify a vote on a Breed Eligibility Requirement by the board of Directors, the vote of the Board of Directors shall be considered a failed motion. Moreover, the membership shall be notified of any proposed modification, amendment or repeal no less than thirty (30) days prior to the vote being taken.
This by-law change will be included on the November ballot along with candidates for the Hampshire breed board.
Landrace Update: Bylaw Change

ARTICLE 6: Board of Directors.
6.1 Number: A Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) members shall manage the affairs of the American Landrace Association. All directors will serve as an at-large representative. At no time shall more than three directors be elected in the same year. No more than three members of one state can serve on the Board at one time.
6.2 Tenure and Qualifications: Directors shall serve a term of three years or until their successors are elected or are appointed. The members of the Board of Directors must be active members of the American Landrace Association in good standing. Directors must pay an annual maintenance fee, but litters may be recorded in a junior members account or membership that is associated with that director.   No director shall serve a term of more than two consecutive three-year terms and must be off the Board for three years before being re-elected to the Board.
Texas Litter Recording Deadline
In order for pigs to be eligible to exhibit at the Texas Majors, all litters must be recorded by Sunday, December 1. Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday and the weekend, the NSR office will be closed Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29. All litters intended for exhibition at the Texas Majors MUST be recorded with the NSR office by Wednesday, November 27.
2019 NJSA Eastern Regional Wrap Up
We had a great weekend at the 2019 NJSA Eastern Regional! Thank you to the exhibitors, families, sponsors and volunteers who make our events a success. All Seedstock EDGE Media ring shots can be purchased HERE . All Powerful Dezigns backdrop photos can be purchased HERE . All show, skillathon and sweepstakes results can be found HERE .
NSR Vice President of Operations Position
The NSR is currently accepting applications for the full time position of Vice President of Operations. This position will be based in West Lafayette, Indiana. For a detailed job description, click HERE .