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North State Together is Expanding!

North State Together County Networks

North State Together is a regional network of cross-sector partners who have come together to strengthen educational outcomes from cradle to career for ALL in far Northern California. Our five county networks, soon to be ten, are the foundation of North State Together's regional collective impact model.

We have officially added Glenn County (Glenn 2 Greatness) to our regional network!

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Glenn County has formed Glenn 2 Greatness. Glenn 2 Greatness operates from a collective impact model with an emphasis on human-centered design. Our network is currently composed of local leaders representing sectors in educational services, business, philanthropic, nonprofit, and civic arenas of influence. The executive steering committee brings together key people from Orland Rotary, Glenn County Community Action Department, Glenn County Public Health, Glenn Medical Center, Quest Diagnostics, Northern Valley Indian Health, Butte College, UC Davis, Willows Unified School District, the Small School District Association, and Glenn County Office of Education.


Glenn 2 Greatness exists to equip the next generation of educators and healthcare providers with marketable skills. Our mission is to assist learners in acquiring jobs in the healthcare and education industries by providing them with access to local education/career pathways. 

Leadership Values & Vision 

Glenn County’s newly formed network is supported by an executive steering committee. The purpose of the executive steering committee is to create an environment conducive to cross-collaboration between community builders including the education, business, philanthropic/nonprofit, and civic sectors so that local resources are stewarded and made accessible to ALL Glenn county residents who are in pursuit of professions in the healthcare and education industries. Together, a cross-sector group of stakeholders will make collective decisions toward the implementation and direction of grants. 

Meet Christine, Glenn 2 Greatness Executive Committee Chair!

Christine was originally appointed coordinator for this network because of her extraordinary energy, intelligence, and innovative approach to project management. She was then elected by her peers to the position of Chair for the network’s executive steering committee.

Christine seeks to inspire action by living out her “Why Statement.” According to motivational speaker Simon Sinek, inspirational leadership begins with a “Why Statement.” Christine strives to be a creator of positive experiences. She enjoys fostering community connections and curating professional and personal resources so that others can thrive. In her words, “To live life is to master the art of meraki-completing every action with love and generosity, leaving a little piece of yourself behind in every creative work.” She invites others on a journey to live life to the fullest by seeing how they can serve their community.

First Glenn 2 Greatness executive committee meeting held at Glenn Success Square on October 12, 2022. 

Linda Riggle convening with the North State Together County Network Coordinators and Committee Members at Chicago’s Strive Together Conference.

Learn more about Glenn 2 Greatness here!

Policy Playbook: Rural Teacher Policy Priorities

The Policy Playbook Project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is intended to provide policymakers and advocates with insights from rural teachers across the country, regarding the areas and challenges they feel most important that policymakers and advocates take action on.

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North State Planning & Development Collective and Sierra Institute were announced co-conveners on October 2, 2022 for the Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF).




October 25, 2022—California State leaders have announced the first round of awards for the Community Economic Resilience Fund (CERF), a new state initiative supporting innovative plans and strategies to diversify local economies and develop sustainable industries that create high-wage and broadly accessible jobs for all Californians. The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment and the North State Planning and Development Collective (Chico State Enterprises) were awarded $5 million to serve as Co-Conveners for the North State region, which consists of Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Tehama and Trinity counties.

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Fall 2022 Kindergarten Readiness Results

Kindergarten Readiness Snapshot is a tool kindergarten teachers may use to assess and store information about incoming kindergarten students’ kindergarten readiness levels. The “Snapshot” screens readiness in literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional/physical skills.

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As a backbone organization to our region, North State Together is focused on developing sustainable shared measurement systems. Our role is to ensure that county network partners see the value in data and have the data capacity to collect, analyze, and use data for their own continuous improvement.

Challenges and Opportunities in Early Education in Tehama County

For Tehama County, most industries faced challenges during the pandemic. Supply chain issues, safety measures and controlling costs were priorities, but finding talent was and remains the number one challenge overall. One of the hardest hit sectors continues to be education.With retirements, a weak pipeline of job seekers and a reputation for being stressful, now more than ever, school districts are feeling the pressure. On any given day, over 400 job vacancies, from bus drivers to teachers to coaches, are available in Tehama County alone.

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National StriveTogether Convening Highlights

North State Together sent key cross-county network leadership and partners to the National StriveTogether Convening, September 21-23, 2022. These partners include: Reach Higher Shasta, Trinity Together, Advancing Modoc Youth, Cradle to Careers for Siskiyou, Expect More Tehama, and forming networks from Glenn, Butte, Lassen, Plumas and Sierra counties.


Learn about other models of C2C collective impact.

Build our regional capacity to advance equitable outcomes and to measure our progress along the Theory of Action framework.

Build relationships, and sharing of practices, across county level lines.

Create/empower county level backbone mini teams to set their own goals and priorities based upon local needs.

Build county network capacity by leveraging StriveTogether tools and resources. 

Population-level outcome improvements:

Build regional civic infrastructure potentially impacting all our regional and county level cradle to career indicators with specific focus on creating equitable high school to college and career pathways around our regional industry healthcare and education needs.

“Collectively we must create environments that foster civic friendship and build long-lasting relationships to identify and work towards solutions for equitable policies, systems, services, and resources. This includes lifting up leadership from underserved communities and ensuring their voices are heard to change from trickle-down policy creation and implementation (top-down approach) to trickle-up policy advocacy, creation, and implementation (bottom-up).”

“The plenary sessions were my favorite. While they weren't earth shattering with new information, they allowed my mind to sit with the topics - civil friendship and institutionalized racism- in a way that I'm not often able to in my busy day, even while understanding them to be integral to the work we do.”

“I made a lot of connections with other networks (including other NST counties as well as other organizations) that challenged me to think differently and think bigger about our work. Primarily, I am excited to follow up with other folks working on educator pipeline issues and adopt more tools from the StriveTogether framework that will elevate and streamline our existing work.“

Most frequently used words from feedback surveys of convening attendees.

Stakeholder Engagement Process Lab: Mastering the Principles of Community Collaboration

North State Together is proud to be a designated Lumina Talent Hub. We work collaboratively to enhance educational options and boost economic development by re-engaging adults who have left the formal education system.

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Aligning Actions Towards Impact

Systems change when partners work in high action and high alignment with each other and towards the same goal. Join this workshop for tools to help you work collaboratively with partners to align contributions while also focusing on actions that are complementary, mutually supportive, and leveraged to produce measurable improvement in a result.

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Expect More Tehama Summit Approaching

Expect More Tehama is foremost an organization that believes in the power of community engagement and convening. We believe the community can make a difference. We believe the community can solve problems. That belief starts with knowing each other and trusting each other.

The Expect More Tehama Annual Summit takes place each November at Rolling Hills Casino. This special convening of community stakeholders is a forum to share ideas, celebrate great people and programs, inspire action and remind us that together we can do amazing things. The Summit strives to present the best, up-to-date information related to critical topics in education, the economy and workforce, and community wellness. It marries data and stories to paint a picture of our challenges and victories.

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AvenueM -

Applications are open!

AvenueM is a partnership between U.C. Davis and many Northstate colleges, including Shasta College, to boost the number of primary care physicians in underserved parts of Northern California. The new pathway, known as AvenueM (the M is for Medicine) will identify community college students interested in studying health sciences. Staff will provide academic support, ensure students’ seamless transfer to any of three participating four-year colleges, then steer them toward the UC Davis School of Medicine. 

Applications are open for the first AvenueM cohort. Students are encouraged to submit an application when they are approximately 1.5 years away from transferring from a partner community college to one of AvenueM's 4-year institutions (UC Davis, Sacramento State, or Cal Poly Humboldt). The Fall application deadline has been extended to December 15, 2022.

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SAVE the DATE - Economic Forecast Conference on Thurs., Jan 12, 2023

North State Together is a regional network of cross-sector partners who have come together to strengthen educational outcomes from cradle to career for ALL in far Northern California.

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9th Annual STEM Career Day

Date: November 18, 2022 THEME: Water PLACE: Shasta District Fairgrounds PARTICIPANTS: Region 2 9th Graders in Northern California STEM businesses or colleges interested in having a booth can register at https://bit.ly/2022STEMExhitors Those interested in financially supporting this event can go to this link: https://bit.ly/2022STEMSponsors

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