February/March 2020
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NS Wave Shuttle Schedule changes/location update at Axcelis

The schedule for the North Shore Wave (our first/last mile shuttle connecting commuters between Beverly Depot, Cummings Center, Cherry Hill Industrial Park, and Trask Lane) has recently changed. After careful analysis, the schedule now more accurately reflects traffic conditions and travel time. To make the route more efficient, the Axcelis stop at 108 Cherry Hill Dr has been relocated to the front of the building.
Mark your calendars!
Addressing Congestion and Urban Mobility: How Employers Can Make an Impact

A Panel Discussion
Feb 27th, 7:30am-9:30am
UMASS Club, Boston
NSTMA Executive Director Andrea Leary will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Boston Globe reporter Adam Vaccaro that will explore congestion issues and the impact it has on greater Boston-based businesses. Panelists will discuss possible solutions that employers and organizations can implement to encourage changes in behavior and their potential long-term effects. 

 Registration is free - look for details in you inbox and on our website soon!
Hand's Free Bill Takes Effect Feb 23rd
The Hand's free bill prohibits motorists or bicyclists from using any electronic devices unless it is in hands' free mode. This is a victory for biking/pedestrian advocates. According to NHTSA , 9% of all fatal crashes involved distracted driving and 599 pedestrians/bicyclists were killed in 2017 due to a distracted driver. Fines for breaking the law are fairly steep especially for repeat offenders.
Climate Change and Transportation Bills to Watch
The State Legislature is proposing Transportation bills to address the growing congestion problem and tackle climate change

Regional News
NSTMA participates in
Reimagining Salem Event. More info .
City of Beverly releases Mobility Hub conceptual designs and Draft Recommendations for Comprehensive Master Plan
City of Salem moves forward with Harbor Connector Path
Danvers Town Meeting puts new Downtown zoning to a vote
Click Through News
Globe Spotlight team delves into Congestion. We think the Employer section is worth a read. See more
Latest on Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Project
MBTA latest planned service alerts
MPO study finds in 2015, "the Northeast Subregion (which includes most North Shore towns) had the largest total number of reverse commute trips-48,715."
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