Dear Students:

This email is to continue to update your on our academic planning for Fall 2020. This email contains three links to information, as described below:
1. Updated Fall 2020 Schedule with Modalities:
This schedule indicates the plan for course delivery for the Fall 2020, as of today. Please note a few adjunct taught courses are currently still be determined for mode, and while we are not planning for further changes, health and safety circumstances may require further schedule adjustments. Further information about updated exact dates for exam windows will be forthcoming as soon as possible. Please remember, drop/add remains open through the first week of classes if needed.  LINK
2. Updated Attendance Policy Information:
The attendance policy remains in effect for Fall 2020. The first document linked here provides additions to the Code of Academic Regulations further interpreting the policy for our new modalities. This document, combined with the full Code, are binding on all students and faculty. A link has been added to the full Code of Academic Regulations as well. The full posted Code of Academic Regulations will be updated with these interpretations and reposted as soon as possible. LINK Code of Academic Regulations
3. College of Law Building Logistics
Some classes will be subject to Rotated BlendFlex.  When it is not possible to accommodate all students in-person simultaneously should all choose to attend, students will be put on a balanced rotation of face-to-face and remote attendance. While students will not be required to attend in-person on their assigned days, they may only attend in-person on their assigned days. As such, a portion of the class will be required to participate remotely on a planned published schedule, to ensure the classroom attendance meets safety guidelines, taught in accordance with the BlendFlex system as described above. LINK
Your SBA representatives remain at the ready to discuss this information with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them:
SBA representatives can be contacted via email
Once again, we continue look forward to a positive, productive Fall 2020 semester.
Copies of this email and previous emails are always available for you in the NSU Law Canvas Page, Weekly Emails & Announcements.
Dean Debra Moss Vollweiler
Interim Dean 
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law
Nova Southeastern University | Shepard Broad College of Law | (954) 262 – 6296