SPECIAL EDITION | January 13th 2021
With the increased activity in vineyards and wineries about to ramp up with the 2021 vintage, the NSWWIA would like to provide some information and recommendations about the best COVID-Safe Protocols for Agricultural businesses.

If there is only one take away from this article, please consider setting up a QR code for your vineyard and/or winery so that visitors, contractors and casual staff can be traced if they come onto your property.

As per normal, the best and most important place for information remains the NSW Government websites. There are three websites that we think provide the best general information.
... this is the general website for the NSW government and is updated daily
... this is the NSW Government website as it relates to agricultural businesses
... this is the NSW DPI website as it relates to COVID and has lots of links to useful information.
We also draw your attention to the Agriculture COVID toolkit (HERE), which is a strong document outlining how to be a COVID-Safe business.
The key thing for all businesses to consider is to:
  1. Register as a COVID-Safe Business
  2. Complete a COVID Safety Plan
  3. Set up the NSW Govt QR codes for all staff and visitors to utilise

We would further make the following recommendations:
  • All vineyard, picking, winery teams should have their own COVID Safe Plans
  • All inbound workers to complete a COVID travel checklist (to be verified by employer on arrival) prior to commencement of work
  • All sites to register for a NSW Govt QR code and all casual vineyard and winery staff and contractors to register in daily
  • All staff to comply with HARPS/Freshcare cleanliness and handwashing standard at all times – eg. hands are to be washed prior to starting work, after using bathroom, after eating, after touching face etc.
  • Staff to be trained in health requirements prior to commencement
  • All establishments should make face masks available to all staff. Recommend face masks be worn as appropriate.
There is much information in regards to interstate travel and getting interstate workers. This is updated often as changes are made. Please see the attached link:
Lastly, in terms of contacts:
  • the NSW DPI has a dedicated email covidinfo@dpi.nsw.gov.au
  • The Service NSW COVID Hotline is very good. They can be reached on 13 77 88
We will assist where possible, but ask that you contact the two above as a starting point.
Cheers and good luck for Vintage 2021!
NSW Wine