SPECIAL EDITION | April 7 2020
As mentioned in our last newsletter we recently had a very productive video conference with several of the senior executives of the Endeavour Drinks Group (EDG) regarding a seven point plan to assist the wine industry;

1.  Direct from Supplier initiative on the Dan Murphy Website
2.  Local Producers to Local Stores program for Dan's and BWS in wine regions
3.  Temporary increased payment terms to SME’s
4.  EDG looking at bulk wine purchases
5.  Auctions of wines via Langton’s (at reduced % commission)
6.  EDG would look at the purchase of parcels of stock
7.  EDG to service Cellar Door mailing lists
We are pleased to advise our members and NSW wine producers that the  Local Producers to Local Stores  and Direct From Supplier programs are ready to go, and we attach the programs details below and the simple 'Producer and Product Template' required for each wine producer who wishes to take part in these programs.

We need to make the following points and details;
  1. Initially this is a 6 month special support program for NSW wine producers during these COVID-19 challenging trading times.
  2. The Local Producers to Local Stores program has been especially setup to streamline new wine producer & product listings, while preserving traditional producer margins and brand price points along with more favourable payment terms.
  3. If you are wishing to range in your local region BWS stores you will need to complete the attached template and make contact with Jonathan Froggatt on jonathan.froggatt@bws.com.au. BWS category managers will be directing individual store managers in ranging local wines.
  4. If you are wishing to range in your local region Dan Murphy's stores please complete the attached template and contact Nicholas Carr on  nicholas.carr@danmurphys.com.au. Local Dan Murphy's store managers have more control over ranging and you will need to also contact them to inform them of the availability of your wines, your participation in the local producers to local stores program, to seek a store listing.
  5. If you are wishing to range in both your local region BWS and Dan Murphy's stores you will need to make contact with both Jonathan and Nicholas.
  6. If you have not ranged with the Endeavour Drinks Group before, a quick wine quality assessment will be required, contact either Nicholas or Jonathan for details.

We appreciate that dealing with the retailers is not for everyone, but we hope it may help some at this time, and we hope that this support from the Endeavour Drinks Group may provide the start of a renewed and prosperous relationship between local wine producers and traditional liquor retailers.

  • You can read the details on the 'Local Producers to Local Stores' HERE.

  • You can download the onboarding 'Producer and Product Template' HERE.

  • You can see the details of the Dan Murphy's 'Direct from Supplier' initiative (through the Endeavour Marketplace) HERE.